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The VOLAH Revelations have been written for over two years, and the first of four books in the series has now been published and for sale. These books do not replace the Transmissions but reflect and comment on them and engage our understanding and awareness of their potential in our lives.

We have entered a time in consciousness where great changes are happening for the Earth and our awareness.

We must prepare for the coming events, and heed the message of Zadore that will carry us into the higher dimensions of consciousness that will follow destruction.

In this blog, I am producing the complete Introduction from Book One, now available on this website.



We live in a world and society where we are constantly faced with what appears to be uncontrollable, and we are never able to cope with what is happening. Situations occur when we accept different advice foisted on us by so-called authorities and experts who are all ready to call us to action without any thought on our behalf; and by accepting their advice, we find that they have told us always leads to loss and unhappiness.

    As well, because of humanity’s lack of crystal thought there are those social media people who call themselves ‘influencers’ who have little positive influence over their own lives, somehow think that everyone is ready to listen to their brilliant concepts, normally based on how much money they can accrue by suggesting that you follow what they say will bring you happiness, whereas, the opposite occurs where we suffer pain from doing the wrong thing.

    We are all caught in the trap of believing all the lives of others, especially on social media, and their spin on most subjects keeps us in ignorance of what life is, and of course, it is not to be found by living in fear, anxiety, depression, and bondage of one sort or another.

    This book is not meant for the few, but for everyone who realizes that our life in this world is not one of continual suffering at the hands of those who desire to have complete power over everyone’s lives and want to maintain their position of importance by creating secrets and political decisions that keep us in fear and uselessness.

    In this book, we will reveal what belongs beyond all the pain and suffering that has become normal for us. How many of us turn to religion, believing that somehow an unseen God will eventually create a better life for us? But, over thousands of years, no matter what God is worshipped, we still suffer pain and death in all forms without mercy from our Gods.

    Outwardly, in the world, everything appears to be changing day after day and we continually accept and adapt to circumstances beyond our control. This is only an appearance in our minds. The world, because of its apparent changes is only a fragmentation in our mind, a figmentation that is based on the many illusory and negative concepts designed to condition our thinking and behavior, which we accept as reality, yet, it cannot be a reality because it is based on an illusion that has been passed down through thousands of generations, making us behave and live in a dream-like state, functioning in a programmed way, and we believe that we are individuals and have the power to act and do what we like in this world, our world, based solely on our conditioning.

    We must realize that our thoughts are nothing more than what we are taught to think. Systems have evolved telling us that our thoughts are either negative or positive, but we do not know how to think in any particular way, either negatively or positively, to put aside because we are controlled by a never-ending system of believing in a particular way that has always renewed itself from one generation to the next. We then act out our behavior like an automaton, a being that is asleep to who or what it is.

    We are fed concepts that replace our need for thinking, which covers our real nature, and by accepting those concepts and lies we are living in a world desiring to individually become important, and that is detrimental to our safety and well-being. We believe we are the body and that sensual knowledge will give us the power to survive and thrive in the world. Yet, for all this effort, in the end, the body expires, and the world continues its march of ignorance.

    However, the message and understanding in this book will help everyone put aside their conceptual ignorance and become free to live out of the Truth and understand our true nature. This is a book of freedom, and as I said earlier, it is not written for a few intellectuals or dreamers, for it is important for everyone no matter what their status is in the world, and we must reveal to ourselves our true potential, and we will only know what that is through Self-understanding,

    It requires work to sort this out, but it is not the same work required to make a living, but the beginning of revealing the truth of our existence, which is Love, understanding, and freedom from all unseen repression that hangs over our lives like a dark storm cloud.

    What might be your expectations in reading and applying what is revealed in the VOLAH Revelations? There is no need in this introduction to explain the VOLAH is; its purpose or function, because you will understand that through what is revealed in the oncoming books and chapters. This book is written for you and everyone else who approaches what is revealed and allows the principles given to allow you to change your way of thinking, behaving, and living a life fraught with pain, suffering, and bondage to the ignorance of a system of control created around us, and here there is no cost for you other than your desire to receive the truth and reality, as well as the freedom to live in peace without doubt, from the control of others.

    This book began to be written in November 2022 and will be published when completed. Eventually, you will become aware of the Truth of your real being, and when this is revealed, you will exist and be outside time and space and all its limitations; here there is only Pure Consciousness and Awareness of all that is, where everything is instantaneous and only appears to happen in the manifest world in time and space.

    As body beings we center everything around a body, a body that we identify as being our self and individuality, believing that we are free to do as we want in the world around us; being self-important, powerful individuals having a unique self, and being the master of our destiny.

    We can’t see this individual body concept of ourselves as it reflects an illusional appearance of arrogance and deception of believing that we rule the Earth.

    In the following pages, you will experience and understand who and what you are, and your consciousness will be opened, and your being will become aware of the reality of who and what you are as you blend into the consciousness and Light of the Absolute One.

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  • This email was a lovely suprise,I have had 1 light and zardores book for many years,this comming into my world is perfect.thankyou🙏


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