Interview with Jon Whistler

Jon Whistler and One Light

In 1994, Jon Whistler wrote One Light, a personal experience based on the discovery of a mysterious capsule when he was working on a USGS site in California. From this capsule, Jon Whistler and his two companions received the first Transmissions of Zadore.

One Light, its story, and Transmissions have transformed the lives of thousands of people since its release in 1996. This book reveals the identity of those entities that control world events and restrict personal freedom.

Following the publishing of One Light Jon Whistler wrote Enter the Vortex as One Light, The Oracle to Freedom, and the Thread of Infinity. These books offer practical advice and exercises that assists readers to break free of the fear and control engendered by the Astral Illusion.

Many readers have written to you, Jon, about personal changes that occurred in their lives after reading your books. Some readers expected you to personally reply to their letters, and probably were disappointed when no reply was forthcoming. It is obvious that other readers just respected your privacy. Can you tell us your reasons for such a level of privacy?

After reading One Light, it should be obvious why I created this wall of privacy. If there were not the need, I would have used my own name when writing and publishing the books.

Also, I do not have the expertise to analyse the inner experiences of others.

Those experiences are personal to that individual, and it is important for everyone to understand their experiences in the light of their own development.

I have proposed that we initiate a proactive forum on the Light Pulsations web site to explain any misconception readers may have with the Transmissions. However, there will be no dialogue on any personal problems.

I am sure many readers will welcome that. One other point on this privacy matter, you have refused to talk at conventions and workshops. Are you looking at changing your view on this?

No. I do not talk at such meetings for two reasons. First, I am not in the business of promoting my Ego, as I am not an expert, or an authority. Most authors use these meetings not only to promote their books, but see it as a lucrative market for earning more dollars.

Secondly, although I have written these books, the information is not mine but that of Zadore. My mission is to write and translate the Transmissions into plain language for everyone to understand.

Those readers who have read the books know that Zadore stressed that no organization should be formed or built on the Transmissions. Once a number of individuals gather as a group, the purity of the information is superseded by the structure formed to represent it. In effect, the structure becomes the entity, and individual Egos strive to dominate others with their importance. Organizations are part of the Illusion, which focus on expansion to the detriment of the purpose of the teachings.

What is that purpose?

For everyone, life's goal is freedom, and true freedom comes from remembering who and what you are. You are a being of Light, and no group can fulfil that need, for Light and freedom is a personal experience.

For thousands of years, the priest cults have held the position of being the sole intermediary between Man and his God. Taking personal responsibility lessens this illusion of authority, and is the first step to claiming your freedom and Light.

From the many letters we have received, it appears that many readers experienced changes in consciousness and affected their lives in a positive way. Do you have any views on this?

One Light is the ultimate message for now. Over thousands of years, the Astrals and their entities have misguided human consciousness. Every thinking individual knows that something is wrong in the World, but cannot see what it is.

There appears to be no reason behind the suffering, domination, life without purpose, and a taint, which pervades all society. The World Illusion enslaves and limits human consciousness through subjection to authorities that enforce the control, and limitation of human consciousness.

The Transmissions of Zadore expose deception and all those things, which hold the hearts and minds of everyone in bondage. However, more than just exposing this taint imposed by the Astrals, Zadore shows the way to freedom, which allows us to recognise the Light, which we are.

Does the Vortex of Light and Healing provide this freedom?

Zadore pointed out the fallacy of following rules and paths as a means of self-discovery. There are no paths, methods, rituals, or Masters that will reveal our Light. We are already Beings of Light. All we need do is remember.

The Transmissions and Oracles that followed One Light open the mind and consciousness to the deceptions of the Illusion that keep us from being Light. Studying and applying the messages of the Transmissions allows the Light to shine through our consciousness revealing all the fallacies that we thought were realities.

The Vortex of Light and Healing was created for this Dimension and not the individual Ego. It is here for all consciousness, including the Earth where the Astral intrusion is active and damaging.

Many readers ask how can they enter the Vortex of Light and Healing.

The Vortex is not a stream or flow of Light, for it is all-pervasive, like the energy from the Sun.

There is no doorway that you can enter. Actually, we are living and being in the Vortex of Light and Healing. You become conscious of the Vortex as you release the Light within you.

The worse scenario is to begin intellectualizing about it, and attempting to create a mental picture, which you hope will give it form in your consciousness. The Vortex Painting expresses the outward progression of the energies of the Vortex and its Light and Healing, and attunement with the painting will lead to inner stillness.

The best approach is to allow yourself to “feel” the Vortex, and free your mind and consciousness of any preconceived ideas about it. Feeling is from the heart and not the mind. Regard this feeling in the same way that you feel Love, as a warming experience.

In your books we have read about Zadore and the Transmissions, however can you tell who is Zadore?

People are constantly bombarded with information given out by various groups and cults, which confuses their thinking. These cults and groups claim to be in contact with ascended Masters, guides, as well as spiritual entities such as angels, and beings of power that exist in other parts of the Galaxy.

After reading and examining this information, much of it is recycled, tainted by Astral involvement. Often the one who promotes the contact is interested in promoting his or her Ego. They gather around them, devotees, and covertly take their money and possessions. You will find they care more about the possessions than the devotees.

Zadore is neither male nor female. Many individuals find this difficult to accept for the Illusion promotes the male body as hosting strong leaders, and the important female entities as Goddesses. Traditional occult literature reserves the male body for Masters.

The Earth-body exhibits sexual differences. The Ego is sexless. The Ego has experiences in different bodies over thousands of years, sometimes in a male body, and others in a female body. It is extremely naive to expect an inter-dimensional being, not of the Earth, to be male or female.

Anyone can contact Zadore if their intentions are not selfish, and their desires are for the Light. In this way, you will reach the Vortex of Light and Healing. After reading the Great Prophesy in the Thread of Infinity, this will be obvious.

Zadore is an inter-dimensional being of expanded Light and consciousness, and has directed Light and Healing to the Earth since its beginning.

You write about Astral Entities. Who are they and what influence do they have on our lives?

Astral entities are human beings just like us. However, the difference is they seek control, wealth and power at the expense of everything else. They care little for the life and wellbeing of others.

Those Astral entities that have aligned their Ego and consciousness with the Astral Lords, and work to maintain the World Illusion, keeping human consciousness in bondage by denying them Light. They carry out their plans of domination by working in areas where they manipulate leaders in government, business, banks and the military, which are greedy and self-seeking.

The Astral Entities pay allegiance to no countries, religions, or races, for their aim is to fragment human consciousness through fear and control.

Fear is spread by manipulation of money markets, creating economic downturns, and by fostering wars. Their methods are well exposed in the Thread of Infinity.

Zadore states that Time is an illusion, and that the World Illusion is based on a Time-loop. Many believe that without time, the fabric of society will break down. Is that true?

The World Illusion is based on the dependence on time, and time is based on a periodic measurement that has been embedded in human consciousness for thousands of years.

It has been said that Man is the measure of all things, whereas it should be written that Man measures all things relative to his consciousness according to time.

By establishing the belief in time as an actual thing in the mind of Man, the Astrals have limited human expression. Time is money, or the loss of it. Time creates an ordered society, one that is controlled by rules. Time enslaves the individual restricting freedom, for while there is the belief in time there is no freedom. The animals appear to be free, for they exhibit a life that we have lost in time. The belief in time destroys your consciousness of Light.

Once the concept and belief in time was accepted by human consciousness, the Astrals generated the Time-loop creating a state of forgetfulness in human consciousness.

There have been many Time-loops in the history of human civilization, and they all followed the same pattern. They last for several thousands of years, and close to the end of the Time-loop, civilization reaches a heightened state of technology, which causes destruction of landmasses and civilization.

The remnant population begins the struggle from the basics back to a high technological stage once more, only to repeat the cycle. Time-loops, as the name implies, creates forgetfulness in human consciousness, and forgetfulness helps the Astrals to maintain control in the World Illusion.

Where are we now in this Time-loop?

The end of this Time-loop is fast approaching. On all fronts, the Astral Entities are creating the seeds of destruction. They are manipulating wars, developing dangerous weapons, including viruses, and their scientists are manipulating the DNA in the attempt to clone human life. It is close, but with its end, there will not be a new Time-loop.

What do you mean by that?

Zadore, and the Vortex of Light and Healing created an expansion of Light that will end the loop of time as well as any Astral influence on the Earth. This has been documented in the Thread of Infinity.

Also, the Earth has undergone an expansion in consciousness that will terminate all Astral influence in this Dimension, for they cannot exist in Light.

From what you have just said, is it right to say that civilization will not be destroyed at the end of this Time-loop?

Yes, that is correct. However there will be changes initiated by the Earth as it rids itself of the garbage inflicted by eons of Astral insult. The Earth Light Transmissions have already revealed that the Earth has expanded its consciousness, and the Ego is unaware of this because it is still caught in the Illusion.

The human Ego is brainwashed into believing that it has consciousness greater than the God that created it does. How pathetic, for even the Earth’s consciousness transcends that of the Ego.

The Earth’s consciousness now reaches into the Fourth-dimension, a dimension that the Astrals powers cannot penetrate. As such, the Astrals are now unable influence the changes to the Earth and its environment, for the Illusion will not exist in this new environment of Light.

Why are you publishing the Earth Light Transmissions free on

In view of what has occurred with the Earth and its consciousness it is imperative, that everyone can avail themselves of Zadore’s messages as soon as possible not waiting for the time and added costs involved in printing a book.

That is OK for those who are connected, however there are many readers who do not have that technology. Do they just miss out?

No, they can have their friends download the Transmissions, or if they do not know anyone who can do that, they can write to Light Pulsations who will charge a small fee to print and mail them.

Lastly, can you give some perspective on the various prophecies floating around, such as the Mayan 2012 predictions?

There have always been predictions, however very few has substance. A good reason for ignoring prophecies is that they are Illusion bound based on time and man made calendars.

Calendars do not accurately record anything except predictions based on the beginning of that calendar. Most prophesies, including Bible prophecies are designed to create fear in those individuals awaiting their outcome. If the prophesy is old enough, after many centuries of expectation, those who believe in its outcome have created those condition in their psyche, which will draw into manifestation those events.

Anything that produces fear is Astrally involved, which causes separation from Light. Someone once wrote that the only thing to fear is fear itself. Fear is a pillar of the Illusion, and fear does not exist in Light.

Attuning to the Oracle Transmissions every day will remove the taint of the Illusion and will draw your consciousness into the Vortex of Light and Healing, closer to Zadore, and your Light.

Thank you Jon Whistler, I am sure that because of this interview many readers will see the Transmissions in a different light.

Note this interview was recorded in 2002 and certain information relating to costs and contact addresses are no longer correct.