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 The Eternal Question – Is there any Purpose to Life?

  At one time or another everyone has asked this question, and very few people have had a satisfactory answer. We continually seek understanding and  feel the need to know where we came from and what we are doing here on Earth; but although we talk with others and use our reason and intellect, the outcome is always the same.

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Freedom is to be a Light to Yourself

 In our world there is a constant search to become free from suffering, disease, oppression, terror and violence, as well as poverty and insecurity, and all this appears to be a never ending circle of repetition in which we are imprisoned.

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Humankind constantly seeks perfection, and the perfection sought cannot be attained, for it is a perfection that only exists in the Illusion and is a desire which springs from the vanity of the Ego. The desire for 'perfection' becomes a frustration for the Ego, which considers itself to be the focal point of all creation.

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