Zadore and the VOLAH Revelations Book 1

Zadore and the VOLAH Revelations Book 1

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    For thousands of years, humanity has struggled to exist in a world of destruction, suffering, and endless war, where individual freedom challenges us every day and is unrelenting.

    Religion and governments have no answer, for the causes lie deep within the human memory that creates a self-conditioned an illusionary world that overtakes the Love and freedom over all generations.

    We feel helpless and go into fear and anxiety for whatever the future awaits us.

    Although this is self-imposed, there is an opening there for us that will free us from all repression, suffering, bondage and fear. And through an understanding of our true nature and being we will be the the Light we already possess.

    Zadore’s Revelations and Transmissions will guide our path by recognizing the cause of all illusion and bondage and we will become free to be what we are, One in the Eternal Love and Light of the Absolute.

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