Zadore and the VOLAH Revelations Book 3

Zadore and the VOLAH Revelations Book 3

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We are pleased to continue the revelations with you.

    In this book, we are leaving behind many of the imaginary concepts of the world and concentrate on being the Truth and Reality of what is our actual Nature outside the body and its closed mind, free of thoughts and words that have no connection with the awareness of the Self and its Mind.

    In the Self, all manifestation, within and without, has its seat in the Mind. However, we tend to think through our body-mind that the outer manifestation of the world and the universe is an externalization of the Self. That is only ignorance on our part is based on our illusion of existence and concepts and the thought we are a body capable of acting and being present in the manifestation, believing that we are a conscious and independent human being.


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