The Sacred Flame

The Sacred Flame

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We live in a world that continually denies the reality of the true nature of every human being, a world that is continually at war with itself, and in denial of true spiritual values.

In the late twentieth century the Transmissions of Zadore were given to the world consciousness through Jon Whistler. These Transmissions directed our attention to the consequences of where humanity is heading and how the Earth will re-balance its consciousness and ending humanity’s destructive habits formed over a cycle of two ‘time loops’.

In this book we will assess what Zadore has given us and demonstrate what is needed for everyone to return to the pure state of consciousness of which we already are, but have forgotten due to limiting our consciousness through ignorance and illusion, by identifying ourself with a body.

This is the most important book that has been written for the realization and freedom of human consciousness for this century.

This book has no theme where each chapter follows a sequential order. Every chapter introduces a particular insight leading to the ultimate source of the Sacred Flame. As such, there is no need to read chapters in any particular order because we are striving to open our consciousness of the presence within where the Self reveals Self.

By ridding our mind of all illusory concepts this is the only way we will become free, and filled with peace, love, bliss and the oneness in all Light and pure knowledge, There is only one thing we have to know.
And that is: