The Legacy of Jon Whistler

The Legacy of Jon Whistler

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The Legacy of Jon Whistler

When your body was born there was no conscious awareness of being or that you exist. However, following the conditioning by your mother and father, you were made conscious of your body, by naming it; that you were either a girl or a boy and that you were separate from everything that exists in the world

I am, so I exist, and this ignorance and illusion accumulates worldly knowledge, concepts and ideas that separate your consciousness from the truth and reality of your Self.

Zadore’s Transmissions have been given to humanity to change the way we feel and think, revealing what is false and what are lies that maintain the illusion and separate us from being what we are – pure eternal consciousness.

These Transmissions are the legacy that Jon Whistler has made available for everyone to be free and One in Light.

Available as a PDF download.