eBook - The Oracle to Freedom

eBook - The Oracle to Freedom

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Note: The physical 12 card set of the Oracle cards can be purchased here. A picture of each card is included in the eBook for reference.



Understand that there is nothing beyond your consciousness. You marvel at the brightness of the night sky and enjoy the warmth of the sun during the day. Are you bound to this world? No matter what you think, when you close your eyes you exist in a vast universe of consciousness, one which is greater than all the galaxies in the universe, because they only mirror a small part of the consciousness of Being and also are a part of your consciousness.

Conceptually, you are locked in many cocoons from many life-experiences in a body, and are still awaiting an opening to freedom. All these cocoons represent those fears, lies, and grabs for power which you have locked within yourself.

Like the butterfly, you emerge from the cocoon, and leave the shells of old lives scattered beneath you. You spread your wings of freedom, revealing a body of Light and beauty, free from the limitations of the old cocoons, now expressing your consciousness, love and Light for all to see and enjoy.

Your body is not your cocoon, although you think it is - your cocoon is your Personality and its fixation toward the Illusion.

Break free from this dimensional prison and spread your wings of Light - and from deep within express the totality of your being, one which transverses all dimensions - because you are FREE, NOW and FOREVER.

From: The Oracle to Freedom - "Freedom Card"

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