You Are Already Enlightened

After many recurrent lives we become aware that the suffering and pain we experience in this world can be transcended; that there is a higher source of Light and Consciousness that underlies our present state of being.

However, the difficulty we face is in seeking and finding some system or method which will teach us to rise above our sensual existence and become free and enlightened. However, finding the way to Oneness in Light always seems to elude all our efforts.

There are no teachers or systems that can take us to experience the highest level of consciousness we desire to reach, because these systems focus on utilizing the knowledge based on the outer sensual knowledge of the world. The only true way to total awareness and consciousness is through directing all your efforts within, where the truth is revealed.

Here you perceive your lifetime of conditioning where you accept all the concepts, attitudes, emotional reactions and illusions that chain your consciousness to the body and mind. By moving deep within your being, you come to the realization that there is nothing to seek, that you are already enlightened but have accepted a limited state of consciousness through attachment to your body, mind and personality.

In the mid 1980's, Jon Whistler, through his contact with Zadore over several years, reveals, through the VOLAH Transmissions, the Truth and what we need do to become One in Light and Consciousness to regain our true nature.

There are no Masters, teachers or gurus who can enlighten you, because only you can transcend the ignorance, illusion and false concepts that separate you from being what you are now, and always have been.

Light Pulsations has reproduced all the VOLAH Transmissions Jon Whistler has written that have already taught thousands of people how to to attain profound peace, joy and freedom from the illusions of the world. Now, through Light Pulsations, you to can attain a state of consciousness only dreamed of.

Zadore has said that all you have to do is remember! Then you will discover that there is no searching, there is only being and living in the true moment of consciousness, free of ignorance and illusion, and when this is realized all that remains is you - the One Light and consciousness that is eternal.

Begin now, and purchase or download these books and transmissions that will change your life and consciousness forever. We do not keep mailing lists or addresses, and respect your privacy. There is no organization or membership, and you are empowered by the Transmissions to achieve your freedom to Be.