Humankind  constantly  seeks  perfection,  and  the  perfection  sought cannot  be  attained,  for  it  is  a  perfection  that  only  exists  in  the  Illusion  and  is  a  desire  which  springs  from  the  vanity  of  the  Ego.  The desire for 'perfection' becomes a frustration for the Ego, which considers itself to be the focal point of all creation. And it does not want to see imperfection in itself.

Perfection,  then,  is  seen  as  being  an  image  of  the  Illusion  of  the  Astral Lords, who also feel that they are the perfection of the Third and Fourth dimensions. Why does Humanity desire perfection when it is unattainable? As the Ego turns away from the Light of its Being, it continually follows the message of the Astrals, which says that by moving  through  the  Third-dimension  the  Ego  will  become  more  powerful  than  the  Light  and  will  attain  the  power  to  be  the  new  creator of all that is. The Ego is unaware that it is participating in an illusion, for it believes it acts in the dimension of perfection, and this dimension will be made perfect by its own creative ability, for it now believes that it is as great as the Light.

It  follows  that  all  perfection  exists  in  the  Light  alone,  for  this  is  no  illusion.  To  experience  the  perfection  of  the  Light  we  need  to  experience that, which is part of the body of the Light. Look at the Universe,  the  stars  and  planets,  and  the  Earth.  For  the  Earth  is  a  perfect  creation  of  the  Light.  What  appears  imperfect  is  the  destruction done either by you or by what you accept as necessary when  done  by  a  third  party.  Your  body  and  the  bodies  of  all  the  animals  on  the  planet  are  also  born  perfect.  The  body  is  born  perfect,  but  it  is  changed  the  moment  that  you  project  your  Ego  consciousness into it!

I  hear  you  say  that  the  body  is  not  perfect,  since  even  at  birth  it demonstrates  disease  and  sickness,  even  distortions  of  form.  The  Illusion has allowed you an outing from this contradiction, or so you think. You feel, and have been told that all these imperfections are the  result  of  hereditary  factors,  as  well  as  taints  that  have  been  handed down through the race over the millennia.

In essence there is some truth in that belief, but the truth relates to a responsibility which you have not yet accepted. That responsibility is to accept the fact that you have caused all sickness and distortion to  the  body.  You  will  not  escape  responsibility  for  your  body  by  moving  into  the  Vortex,  for  that  body  is  the  Earth,  and  you  are  responsible for the Earth. You will not co-create with the Light until you move that Light to the Earth, which is your body.

At  the  time  of  conception  until  you  begin  to  attach  your  Ego  with  the  emerging  form,  that  form  is  perfectly  made  by  the  Earth  through the morphogenetic patterns in the Radiation belts. 'Karma' is what you carry with you endlessly from one life to another. It is this  karma  or  weight  which  distorts  the  body  from  its  beautiful  form, a form that is as perfect as the Earth itself.

In fact, the morphogenetic pattern of the body is of a similar form to the morphogenetic pattern of the Ego. As such, within the Astral Illusion,  the  Ego  feels  that  it  is  the  God,  and  has  seeded  the  consciousness  of  Humankind  in  the  Illusion  with  the  belief  that  the  Earth-body  is  made  in  the  image  of  God.  When  you  see  the  distortions  and  sickness  displayed  in  the  body,  you  say,  'Why  has  God  done  this  to  me?  Why  does  he  allow  me  to  suffer  so?'  This  is  the  Ego  talking,  for  it  too  is  distorted  by  the  Karma  it  has  inflicted  on the Earth by living the Illusion of the Astrals.

Do you see where you are now? Look at yourself, see how you are living,  thinking  and  behaving.  Do  not  blame  others  for  your  circumstances, for you and only you are responsible. It is common to  blame  your  mother  or  father,  or  your  school  teacher,  the  government,  or  someone  else  who  may  have  molested  you  when  you were young, or run you down in a car accident, or attacked or hurt  you  in  some  way.  There  are  thousands  of  excuses.  What  is  yours? It is time to begin to look directly at your circumstances and determine  why  you  are  where  you  are,  for  then  you  will  become  ready  to  drop  off  some  of  your  Karma,  and  find  perfection  in  your  own Light.

All shedding of Karma is not restricted to altering your mental and emotional approach alone. You have to work on the level of matter as  well;  you  have  responsibility  for  your  body  and  its  health  and  well  being.  You  will  need  to  approach  the  type  of  food  and  the  liquids that you put into it, as well as deciding on a regular amount of  exercise  in  order  to  allow  the  energies  to  function  well.  Your  approach  to  your  body  should  be  one  of  prevention  and  care,  not  using  many  of  the  drug  preparations,  which  come  from  the  Astral  Entities in the Illusion who use destruction in the name of health.

All consciousness consists of frequencies of energy, and this applies to  the  Earth  as  well  as  your  Ego.  As  the  Earth  begins  to  move  its  consciousness   into   another   dimension,   it   will   exhibit   energy   transformations of higher frequencies. Energy medicine is now in its infancy,  and  will  quickly  move  forward  as  the  consciousness  of  the  planet moves  toward  the  Fourth-dimension.  Already  the  energy  status of the body has been mapped and written in equation form. By  comparing  the  current  status  of  your  personal  energy  equation  with  the  ideal  energy  equation,  healers  can  determine  how  much  your personal karma is affecting the health of your body. There are other  developments  in  healing,  which  are  all  moving  frequencies  toward  healing  and  the  Vortex,  for  it  is  a  Vortex  of  Light  and  Healing.

Perfection  is  not  a  necessity;  rather  it  is  the  becoming  that is important  here.  You  are  beginning  to  dwell  more  and  more  in  the  Vortex,  and  through  this  you  begin  to  clear  your  vision  of  all  the  muddying and coloring that prevent you from being the Light Being that you already are. Do not place difficulties in your path, for it is only  through  simplicity  that  you  become  One  Light  again.  You  are  moving  into  freedom.  Do  not  doubt,  for  doubt  is  an  Ego  function  designed to hold you back.

Just because you may have lost a limb, or suffered loss of an organ through surgery, or may be suffering from a terminal illness, do not feel  that  you  are  unable  to  enter  the  Vortex,  nor  that  you  will  be  unable  to  shed  your  Karma.  You  do  not  have  to  be  young  and  beautiful  in  bodily  form  to  enter  into  the  higher  frequencies  of  the  higher dimensions.  It  is  of  the  utmost  importance  that  you  learn  about yourself by understanding your illness or infirmity. Be sincere, and  ask  to  be  given  the  understanding  of  how  these  things  are  affecting your journey to Light. You will receive your answer, but do not try to reason it, do not allow the Ego to tell you what it thinks it is.  Let  the  answer  speak  to  you  through  your  feeling.  Observe  yourself daily and how you feel and react to others. Do not become involved  with  the  reactions  of  others  to  you,  for  they  are  only  mirroring  you.  The  more  you  strive  in  these  efforts,  the  more  you  will lighten the load you carry.

You will find that all illness comes from this one source within you, which is your separation and participation in the Illusion. It is a time of   forgiveness,   forgiveness   of   others   whom   you   blame,   and   forgiveness  of  yourself  and  the  way  you  have  allowed  your  Ego  to  blame  you.  Your  healing  and  return  to  wholeness  depends  on  how  you see this, and not how the body is, for there are no bars to your spiritual Light and wholeness.

One of the greatest problems that the majority of individuals on this planet  experience  is  the  lack  of  humility.  Possibly  because  the  ability to be humble is not acceptable to the Ego. Humility is not an act of effacement or of bowing down to another, or of practicing so-called  modesty.  Mostly,  when  the  Ego  practices  humility,  it  sees  it  as  groveling.  The  Ego  does  not  want  humility,  but  expects  others,  including the real you, to bow down to its greatness.

Humility is an act of allowing others to be – to be what they are and not  what  you  want  them  to  be  in  order  to  fit  in  with  your  control.  Your  Ego  must  learn  humility  not  only  to  others,  but  also  to  you  –  the  real  you  that  is  emerging  through  the  Vortex.  We  are  now  getting  closer  to  the  core  of  our  present  study  within  the  Vortex,  and that is of surrender.

From what I have discussed here, you will, through effort, come to that moment in consciousness where your Ego must make the next move as you watch and observe. It is time for the Ego to surrender its illusion and become your friend and servant once more.

Those  who  dwell  in  the  Illusion  view  the  act  of  surrender  as  being  demeaning and unsuccessful. For a nation not to repel an invading force means it must either fight on to the last person or surrender. In the eyes of the Illusion, fighting to the death of the last individual is  seen  as  being  a  stance  of  valor,  and  surrender  a  stance  of  weakness.  Following  surrender,  all  the  spoils  and  wealth  become  the property of the victor.

Your  Ego  has  come  to  the  stage  of  your  development  whereby  it  must surrender all that it considers to be real to the emerging Light of your Being, for the spiritual process of surrender is necessary for you to become One Light.

Take the time now to look at yourself and the way you behave. Do you  practice  true  humility?  Do  you  allow  others  their  space,  not  intellectually but actually? Do you still want things to occur the way you want them to? What are your wants and desires? Look at those things which plague your consciousness on a daily and hourly basis. What is the subject to which your thoughts constantly return when you are alone? Within the Illusion do you always plan events ahead? Do you plan to create wealth, build an empire, to buy a better car? Do  you  feel  the  need  for  material  fame,  honor,  position?  Do  you  want  others  to  look  up  to  you  and  place  you  in  a  position  of  importance?  The  list  will  go  on  through  the  many  fragmented  desires found in the Illusion. It is time for you to surrender all these to    the One Light. You only need to desire one thing, and that is the Light and Love of the Light.

Surrender  is  not  an  act  of  giving  up  all  you  have  learned  and  possess, not your wealth or position, nor the positive understanding you  have.  Surrender  is  the  act  of  giving  the  victor  everything.  All  the greatness you possess and all the so-called sins are given freely to your Inner Light. For, when everything is exposed to THE LIGHT, that  which  is  nothing  but  illusion  will  fade  into  insignificance,  as  'nothing' cannot exist in that, which is.

Offer  and  surrender  all  that  you  desire  to  the  Light,  including  your  Ego, and the more you ardently desire to Be the One Light, then will all petty desires fade into obscurity.

The Light which shone through Jesus is also the Light which shines through  you,  and  as  you  become  one  with  THE  LIGHT,  you  are  as  was  Jesus.  For,  in  the  emerging  New  Paradigm  there  will  be  many  saviors for the Earth, and this will be the so-called second coming. Jesus  was  reported  as  saying,  'Seek  ye  first  the  Kingdom  of  God  and all other things will be added.' Surrender all to THE LIGHT and desire One Thing, and all will be added. You will not lose anything of true value and will gain the riches of the Universes.

Turn your back on the Illusion. Move your Ego to look within, to the Light  that  flows  through  you,  through  the  Vortex  from  the  higher  dimensional source.

Let go of Ego control and become open and trusting, since it is only by  trust  that  you  will  surrender  all  past  and  present  desires,  and  can  desire  to  Be  One  Light.  Surrender  is  telling  you  to  understand  your lessons, and now sense One Light.

For you, this will become a liberation from all the control factors of the  old  paradigm,  which  hold  you  back  and  deaden  all  feeling  for  your divinity. Most of all, Surrender is your release from the desire to judge and control not only others, but the Earth itself.

It  must  be  seen  as  a  symbolic  act  of  dying  and  being  reborn  and  renewed, like the butterfly emerging from the cocoon. It spells the end  to  all  Ego  control,  and  all  Astral  control,  as  it  allows  you  to  make  an  act  of  forgiveness,  not  just  for  others,  but also  self  forgiveness.  But  you  have  done  nothing  wrong,  you  have  not  sinned.  All  you  have  done  is  to  have  forgotten  your  Self,  and  the  only self-forgiveness should be for that.

There  is  no  judgment  by  One  Light,  no  blame,  just  love  and  forgiveness.

By entering the Vortex, you have entered into a great awakening of yourself  and  of  the  Earth.  Once  you  begin  to  feel,  see,  and  be  the  Light, then you are awakening to the dawn of your own Being. It is like spending a whole night awake, suffering pain, and once the first rays  of  the  sun  light  the  sky,  all  darkness  and  doubt  begin  to  disappear and you are filled with the trust that the coming light will lead  you  back  to  life,  free  of  your  current  suffering.  Light  dispels  darkness, and all fears are generated by the darkness of the Illusion and are lost in The Great Light.

Through surrender to THE LIGHT, you trust all, all that you are, all that  moves  through  you  from  the  Light  of  All.  Desire  no  more  the  Illusion of the Astrals, for it does not exist in THE LIGHT.

Transmission from ‘The Vortex of Light and Healing’ by Zadore