Freedom is to be a Light to Yourself

In our world there is a constant search to become free from suffering, disease, oppression, terror and violence, as well as poverty and insecurity, and all this appears to be a never ending circle of repetition in which we are imprisoned.

We do not accept or realize that we alone are responsible, through our own thought and action, for the limitation and suffering we experience. We are always blaming something outside our self for all the negative experiences that close in on our life, which have imprisoned our consciousness.

‘This is your prison, because you are trapped by a self-limiting mind set of Ego. Inwardly you yearn to move your consciousness out into the void of space, but you are unable to do this because you are locked in the dungeon of self.’  *

How have you created this prison in which you find yourself?

Over thousands of years humanity’s Ego, through feelings of insecurity and separation from its true state of being, has created,  through thought and its attachment to a body, the illusion that it has the power to create its own world, with the ability to master its own destiny.

The Ego, or the self, is a thought which, through its body attachment, separates itself into individual consciousness, assuming and believing that it is a unique being; and because of this illusion of separation it is always in constant conflict with itself.

To control this conflict, or to create some form of order, humanity has created more illusions that are called authorities, to which the individual assigns its rights, and in so doing becomes subject to the created images of authority.

These authorities then control the mass of human consciousness. They manifest as religions, governments, politicians, dictators, various scientific groups, and are replicated by various urban groups.

Everyone belongs to a specific group, whether it is Christian, Buddhist or Moslem; communism or capitalism; being a Russian or German and so forth. This creates fear, suspicion, isolation and violence in the world and denies freedom.

Whatever exists outwardly in the world is also reflected inwardly in every individual. However, within, it is a psychological experience, where we reflect outer aggression through personal relationships, building up violence and negative emotion, which leads to inner turmoil, remorse, sorrow and helplessness.

Within the world humanity is taught mistrust, which leads to further separation which is the opposite to freedom.

‘Freedom ― the desire for it ― is deeply embedded in the human psyche, but only rarely addressed and experienced.

‘However, it is the ultimate experience; for to be “free” is to be pure and untainted, and released from all that controls and patterns this life expression.’*

Freedom is not a thought or ideal that can materialize in action, because if that was so then freedom would replace one state such as violence in religion with that of non-violence. However, this replacement will not produce freedom, but another attachment that will contradict the violence.

So what is freedom?

We try to understanding everything through ‘what is’ or ‘how to’, which means we want to bring freedom into time. There is no method, the ‘how to’ that leads us to freedom, because freedom does not have any foundation in thought and illusion.

‘Your journey to freedom can only be complete when you remember your purpose for being here. Everyday, through your selfishness,  you create degenerate conditions. On a larger scale, mankind,
 in its grasp for power in the Illusion, thoughtlessly destroys the Earth for the fulfilling of its illusion needs.’*

You can only experience freedom now, not yesterday or tomorrow, because freedom does not exist in time. There is no thought that can capture freedom, and no memory that can recall its nature.

Unless we observe the structure of our thoughts, which are our memories that we attach to these thoughts, we will never be a Light unto ourself. It is in Light that all actions in our life occur, and such actions are not contradictory.

Contradiction only occurs when the Light of Freedom is separate from life’s actions. Freedom comes when we destroy all our psychological defenses, such as gods, beliefs, dependence on priests,  all authority, experiences of a sensual nature, sensual knowledge and so on. Without destroying these attachments, we cannot have freedom.

To apprehend freedom we have to change the way we think our thoughts and become aware of all our attachments, not only to our body, but also our relationships that separate us from our true nature: the freedom, love, joy and peace, which is our being outside this self-imposed illusion.

‘Know that there is no such universe outside you, because there is only consciousness, only Light. Freedom is experienced through bathing consciousness in the Light.

‘Conceptually you are locked in many cocoons from many earth-bodies of the past and present, and are awaiting awakening. All the cocoons represent the fears, lies and grabs for power which you have locked within yourself.

‘Like the butterfly, you emerge from and leave all the shells of old lives scattered beneath you. You spread your wings of freedom, revealing a body of Light and beauty, free from all the limitations of the old cocoons and expressing your consciousness, love and Light for all to see and enjoy.

‘Break free from this dimensional prison and spread your wings of Light ― and from deep within express the totality of your Being, one which transcends all dimensions ― because you are FREE NOW and FOREVER!

‘Each day, you run this way or that way attempting to discover the secret to attain success, love, possessions and power. Once you attain these desires they lose their glamour and appeal, and you become once more disillusioned, and in turn, seek different goals. This is living in the Illusion, because it cannot lead you to greater freedom, and by creating goals in the Illusion you become further separated from the Light which is YOU!’*

* “The Oracle to Freedom” by Sizzond Zadore.