eBook - The Thread of Infinity

eBook - The Thread of Infinity

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The Thread of Infinity
By: Jon Whistler

The End of Time is near! The Time Loop is drawing to a close!

In his best selling book, "One Light", Jon Whistler unveiled the Great Illusion used to control the lives of everyone on Earth.

Now he reveals the Matrix of Time, which ties Human Consciousness to the Dance of Time. He tells us when and how it was built, and how it operates to imprison Mankind.

By moving his consciousness through past life-experiences spanning many millennia, Jon Whistler traces the journey of his Ego from its pristine state to that of total involvement in the Illusion, as it sought to reach the highest levels of control in the world.

The Arch-Demon, Razparil works unrelentingly to capture and possess Human Egos, often referred to as "the Souls of Men". So, too, did he work to capture and possess the Ego of Sizzond.

Traverse eighteen thousand years of deception, futility and fear. But also there is great love and hope, as the Ego of Sizzond struggles to regain its Light.

This, too, is your journey, paralleling your own travels through the Loop of Time. We are all connected by the find thread of consciousness, which binds us together - as ONE.

This book will unlock your consciousness further, setting it free from all Illusion. As the Time Loop is destroyed, you will find the freedom to live in your Light, and will give that Light to the Earth. The Earth will ascend in Joy, free from the ravages of the Illusion. And your freedom is at hand!

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