Zadore and VOLAH

On the first Saturday November 22 years ago the VOLAH moved into the Earth’s consciousness at 8.00 am Pacific time, 9.00 am New Zealand time and 7.00 am Eastern Australian time.

We sat on the top of island shore overlooking the the rock pyramid in the distance,

Jon looked at his watch and said: It’s beginning’.

I closed my eyes still facing the same direction. The event occurred in consciousness. There was a golden Light swirling in a counter-clockwise movement high above the pyramid. It began to assume a golden funnel shape as it descended toward the top of the pyramid where its rotation stopped momentarily and resumed rotating in a clockwise movement and then, expanded covering the pyramid, and disappeared into the ocean ever expanding, moving through the ocean bed to the center of the planet.

This was a monumental experience that has remained in my consciousness.

The VOLAH is the Light Consciousness of Zadore and is here for our consciousness and in particular the Earth’s consciousness.

In the Transmissions Zadore once said that when we enter the consciousness of the Vortex we are One in Zadore.

Up to now, through our identification of consciousness with the body we have understood the Transmissions intellectually and practise their meaning in the world. However, The Transmissions are constantly pointing us to move toward the Vortex where we will be one in and understanding in Zadore’s Light and Consciousness. So, we have to begin to make that change of mind. Here is a suggestion you may like to follow.

In a quiet moment sit or lie comfortably. Select a Transmission and read it. Then put it down and take three deep breaths. Clear your mind of all extraneous thoughts. Focus your attention on the vortex and just be, in the silence, which is the vortex. If your mind starts up, say: “I’m not interested” and become attuned to the vortex.

Now you probably will not accomplish what you set out to do. No worries, so do something else. By doing this a couple of times a day over a period you will become successful. During the day stop what you are doing and for about a minute turn your attention to the vortex and Zadore. This will begin to change your mind’s  attention from the world to the inner awareness of what you are.

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