Your World

Indiscriminately we use the word world in our talk and writing without any reference to its true meaning. Often people mix it up sometimes confusing the world with the earth.

Often it is asked: Who made the world? and the answer is often, God. This response does not take into account how the universe was formed. The answer is given here that a god made the world is only a fantasy story that was supposedly given by Moses, and the only reference to the universe is the stars in the heavens. It is possibly one of the first instances where the translators were unaware of the difference between the world and the earth.

Should you need to believe the creation story of Moses then you have to concede that god also made the universe, because at the time of the so-called creation the world never existed until the expulsion of Adam and Eve from god’s presence.

Nowadays, we know that the world is something created by the human mind based on our sensual behaviour and interactions with each other. If we cannot leave god out of the creation of the world, then we must be god.

The world is a mental concept because it only exists in our minds. We create our world anew every day when we wake up after sleeping and ends when we sleep at night.

Every day we repopulate our world through our memories that are stored in the mind exactly how we remember it was before going to sleep. So individually this is our personal world that does not vary, and we are unaware of how others see their world, which for them is also unchanging.

In our world, we have relationships with other individuals that we include in our world and we think these acquaintances share in our world, but that is part of our illusion. In other people’s worlds, we are not necessarily seen as important to them as we think we are.

Because of this, we believe that we all share in the same world through external events that happen. This forms our ignorance of what we think is a common reality.

That is something we have to question because no one knows what another person thinks, feels or experiences because we all live and act in a world that we alone have created, and that is the psychological place that we will never share intimately with others.

When our body dies our world ends, and that is the same for any person living on the earth;

As well, when we sleep our consciousness of the world ceases to exist when our consciousness is suspended and the mind is no longer active, but the body remains alive due to the presence of the Vital Force. Within an instance of awakening through the mind, our memories are restored to when we were last awake.

You should not just believe the reality of what I have written her, but when you consider how in a dream you experience at night that a whole city, landscape and appear instantly in your awareness, then why would you not accept the same happening in your awakened world?

What then is your world and is it a true world or does it just exist in your mind?


  • The world is but a dream

  • My mind creates “the world” and places “me” in the center of it, or as a witness of it.
    How about when another person creates a world in which I am included? I wonder, is it me creating this or the other person? Are we both co-creating this instance? Is one reality imposed upon the other? Do we have free will when we are being drawn or forced to be participants in someone else’s mental world?


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