World Illusion – Your Illusion

Your mind is active and constantly asks unanswerable questions that draw your consciousness further into illusion. This illusion is based on the mind’s ignorance, which keeps our consciousness locked in the sensual realizations of the body. The mind is filled with thoughts, words and memories that create the illusion of our body and its world.

Our world is our own private secretive domain where no one else can enter; but it is a fabrication of the consciousness of our body/mind, which is limited to time and space.

As such, our world, which is based on information we have accepted, ideas, attitudes and concepts; is finite, and ends with the body’s death. Our world is our illusion, and we believe it is our reality.

Although there are billions of people on the Earth at any particular moment, they all have a personal world that is separate from each other’s, but linked by an illusion, which suggests a shared world.

We all share the same illusion, which gives our life creditability, and this sharing results from the conditioning that everyone is subject to, following the body’s birth.

Already being conditioned to believe in individualization, our parents, devoid of any thought, repeat the conditioning, and we too continue the process into further generations. This is the result of repetition that was created by the time loop in consciousness, where humanity lives in ignorance, believing that they are doing something , whereas they are unaware that they are repeating the same experiences over and over, day after day.

So humanity is locked in a process of repetition, asleep to who or what they really are; subject to limitation in consciousness, and live in the fear of death, which ends their sense of separation and individuality.

This state of non-awareness and ignorance creates a repetitive loop, of cycles of war, debt and greed and other so-called natural disasters. Nothing ever changes in human consciousness since the first human bodies were morphed by the Earth. Technology changes, but the state of being remains locked in the darkness of illusion, generating pain, suffering and fear.

We need to awaken in our consciousness to what is running the world in which we share, and develop the awareness of who and what we are. While we continue to believe we are a body with a mind and personality separate from all manifestation and the Universe, we remain asleep, and continue to suffer in pain and isolation.

Over thousands of years Teachers have arisen, first seeking within them the reason for suffering, and following the realization for this, they attempt to have humanity outwardly change their habits and attitudes in their thoughts and living.

No matter how many teachers have lived on the earth, the majority of people have remained asleep and continue to pursue pleasure and greed in the sensual world consciousness, thinking this is life’s reality.

What then is reality? It is the Truth, the Oneness of the Eternal Self Consciousness. Truth is the Eternal Consciousness where all is perfection. Perfection is where everything is complete, without beginning or end. What appears in the outer manifestation, such as our bodies, appears in consciousness and disappears when they expire. The body is finite and imperfect, without Truth and reality.

We believe we are the body, yet we have little awareness of what it is. We never outwardly see our whole body, and only assume what it is through its reflection, in a mirror or a photographic reproduction. It is common that most people do not consider that the photograph is a true reflection of their body, passing it off as taking a bad photo. Whereas, they accept the mirror reflection because they impose their own personality over the reflected image.

We know that the body ages, having stages of growing, but even though we look in the mirror every day, we are never aware of the changes, unless we are very vain. The body we believe is us, acts completely differently from our real Self.

The Watcher provides us with a glimpse of our inner nature, which appears as consciousness in time and, unlike the body, never changes nor ages, but always is.

This enduring consciousness continually watches the functioning of the body and mind, and how these thoughts and reactions have no relationship with our true nature. Through these observations we become aware of the separation from the truth that is our real nature, and that of our illusional world.

In this illusion we think we are experiencing life through the body; however, these experiences are only mental impressions of our sensual nature. Mostly these sensual impressions are only expectations of some achievements in the world.

The mind relies on past memories which overlay what we are experiencing now, and these past memories determine our present reaction. Only through the passive observation by the Watcher can we break free from this repetitive control of the I am, and personality.

Often we are told that we that we have look inwardly to find the truth of our being, but when first turning inwards we are faced with the phantoms of the stored memories, pain and guilt that keep us living constantly in the past.

We have to develop a strong desire to find what life is and who or what we are. This involves knowing the answer to all the pain and suffering that dominates our consciousness here and now. Then we see that we have set up blocks between all the negative and immoral actions in our interactions with others over the years. These blockages tend to act as a buffer between what we have done in the past and how we portray our personality in the present moment. Of course we are living a lie, and condone this lie through constant justification.

If all these blockages were immediately removed instantaneously, and we were able to perceive what we have hidden, we would go mad, and possibly commit suicide. When we gradually remove these blockages one at a time, we begin to strengthen our inner reserve. These blockages are all the “I” thoughts that constantly invade our outer consciousness, and are what the Watcher observes, and eliminates.

There is no quick method which the world promotes. We see this where groups of individuals who put together information from various sources as courses, holding seminars, which are designed to develop a profitable business, giving little or nothing to earnest seekers.

There are no manuals for freedom, because all information of the world has no reference in consciousness. Everything you need is already in your being, and what you have to do is become open to it.

Allow the Watcher to reveal the way. You have to apply yourself every day to perceiving through this observation what thoughts are passing through your mind, and you take away their power by not following them in your mind, knowing that they are pointing outwardly, and have no use for you, so ignore them, and become free.

Eventually you will come to the realization that your mind seems clear and uncluttered by all these negative “I” thoughts.

There is nothing that separates you from being what you are, because the only separation is in your mind.

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