Why Happiness Eludes Us


    We live in a world not knowing it is our creation, yet we think everything we do is based on circumstances beyond our control and caused by our actions and interactions in life to make the best outcomes worthwhile.

However, it is not that simple, for we face obstacles outside our control.

    We have become aware of the impact of those forces, not only how they affect our lives, but also the forces throughout the universe.

    We are often faced with an imposing force that challenges and changes the direction of what we desire to accomplish. Zadore has told us there are three forces present in the universe that affect all outcomes. These forces are the first force that activates a cause that is challenged by an opposing force and can be modified by a third neutral force that determines the outcomes.

    The first force initiates an individual desire we feel will be beneficial for us and is opposed by the second force. Zadore told us that the third force determines the outcome depending on whether it is attracted to either the first or second force.

    Within the world, billions of desires interact with other people’s desires that conflict with personal outcomes.

    We should be aware that either good or bad desires influence the balance of the functions within the world.

    What does that mean for everyone who is caught up in all this turmoil and unable to achieve a balanced state of living?

     We use words such as ignorance and illusion to explain our situation but that doesn’t change anything because the desires we want are only meant to satisfy our isolation and separateness from experiencing our true nature, which is happiness and freedom in a world of suffering and denial.

    Is there any particular reason we find ourselves living with each other in distrust and fear of actions that are harmful to the safety of our families?

    We seek happiness and security as opposed to all the devastation in the world. Such a state of peace and happiness, which is our basic nature cannot be attained because we believe that our bodies are our real selves and that is not true, because we expect something that in our world is only an illusion.

    Once we stop desiring happiness and find the reality within, we think we are something we are not. When we begin to live the Eternal Moment outside time and space, only then can we experience joy and happiness.


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