Who Told You?

    Who told you that you have a Self that is something that is personal to you?

    We are told that the Self is a reality that is the truth and not the reflective consciousness of the body. Our Self is pure consciousness and has no relationship with the body’s reflective consciousness or mind.

    If we believe that all objects are reflections appearing in consciousness due to the light of awareness shining on the objects, then we are not aware of there being such a state of non-reflective consciousness. Realization is a state that exists beyond the illusional manifest world, and because we are engrossed in being a body, we have no realization of what exists beyond the world of the limitations of the body and its mind.

    All forms and objects within the Universe are the limitations of our imagination, and what we see as a universe is only the impressions that we have accepted due to our senses. Realization is a state that exists outside the illusion-bound manifest world, and because we are so engrossed in being a body, we have no realization beyond our world consciousness.

    All the forms and objects that compose the Universe that we have only exist in our minds as being something that it is not because it is all knowledge based on supposition born out of our illusion that we believe is real knowledge. Basically, that is all due to the presence of the Ego that identifies with the body and is responsible for all our crooked thinking and separates us from being One, and being many little ‘I’s.

    However, Pure consciousness is One and that One is the Self. There is only One Self and there are many bodies and because of that we are all the same consciousness as one human body and we are blinded by the Ego’s thought of separation. However, we are actually One Consciousness manifesting in eight billion bodies.

How can we realize that are not separate beings One in the Self?

    That has become difficult because we have accepted the thoughts that I am and I exist which is bound up in the Ego.

    We need to become aware of what we really are and realize that the core of our Being is the Self.

    We have to know what constitutes our real Self, that it is not some kind of god and that it has no name or relationship with the world and the universe.

    The Self is pure Mind and Consciousness and everything that is. As such, you cannot compare anything in the world and the universe with it.

    The world has its existence as a thought within the Self’s Mind alone and does not have any existence beyond the Mind.

    The thought that we exist as forms in a universe is that we are present in a world and are able to act, desire, do, and control the earth by our sentient presence is the greatest lie we accept.

    What blinds us from knowing our true existence? And is there any purpose for being in this world, for there is no purpose because there is no world or universe!

    The only purpose is that you become aware and remember what you are, and then complete the consciousness of your being here and not remaining as just a servant of the Earth and the Universe. That’s all there is!

    But we find it difficult to rise above the ignorance that we have conditioned by the world illusion of the Ego trapped by our own blindness. Over the years of living in a body, we constantly are shocked by inciting instances and often ignore the presence of spiritual teachers who try and reveal the truth of our being here. Yet with all of that, we still face the wrong direction, that of facing out into a non-existent world instead of within.

     The opportunity is always there and now we have one more chance to break free and complete our being One Self.

    That chance is the becoming of the VOLAH that Zadore has given us. What more do we want? The time loop is beginning to close, and what lies beyond is for us to choose now before the end of this cycle ends.

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