Whisperings from Within - Five

Prayer to the Earth

The sky is clear and blue

Tall trees are still and silently waiting

The mist in the forest exudes peace and tranquility

The early morning sun’s long rays reveal the dewdrop diamonds

The earth awaits the new day

Through shining eyes

The beauty of the Earth is revealed

Its quiet peace reflects

The inner peace within my being

And all is One

Our bodies are the fruits of the Earth

Fruits that exude the perfume

Of the sweetness of beauty and Light

That wafts its presence

Throughout the Universe

I have become unaware of

The beauty of its all-pervading perfume

And ceased to love the Earth

Believing that I am

Superior to the whole creation

Having forgotten all through the pain of separation

Of the child from the mother

Where all love is free and unconditioned

I vaguely hear the joyful singing of the Earth

Of all its children - and waves of the ocean and snow-capped mountains

Having forgotten the love of the Earth

And now remembering

I remember my true Self

One of moving Light

Into the growing Earth consciousness

I feel my awareness expand

And know that I too have been guilty

Of creating barrenness on this planet and destruction of life

For by participating in this destruction

I also destroy a part of my body

Let me become open to my Light

Let it shine throughout the nature of the Earth

And into the Earth’s body

Create a beautiful rainbow

Make it a bridge to Light

Turn away from all illusion

Ego of mine

Allow the Light Child, Adasha

To flow through this body and the Earth

Allow healing to flow

As the Earth becomes whole

And free from all intrusion

Emissary of VOLAH 2019

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