Where is the Mind

I have been considering what is the mind in the body, and asking myself just is the mind as such real, and what is its relationship with the brain? In fact, are most of the brain's functions mainly instinctive, or are they only involved in processing the information of the senses?

We assume that the mind basically exists to store memories that can be used by the brain for comparison when using the intellect giving rise to the belief that we are thinking and those comparisons we have learned as being able to reason, and finally come to a decision that we call action.

The body-mind is what we believe is our individual self and that it exists within our body consciousness. But unfortunately, that is just an illusion caused by the thoughts of identification and attachment as being a body. Of course, there is a body, but as the consciousness that is beyond the body and manifestation, the body is just a thought.

So, how does the consciousness available for the body ‘think’? Well, that is debatable because the brain is considered as being a gland that processes sensual impressions and stores them somewhere and that place is considered as being a mind.

There is only one Mind and that is the Self. However, what we call the body-mind is not an actual thing but it is the combination of several illusional functions that serve to be thought of as representing the body’s identification by the ego, visually seeing different forms and objects in our world, the thought and feeling that we exist and have a personality that is our self, and all that constitutes what we call the Body-mind. As such, we turn everything into the outer manifestation as being our reality.

Because the brain functions after receiving impressions in the world, the brain also functions as a part of the body-mind.

We constantly need to return the Mind to its rightful place outside the world and illusion, which is the Self.

Over the years researchers erroneously thought that the mind is a singular organism like the brain, that it has to have a space somewhere in the body or that it is similar to the concept of consciousness that exists within every cell.

If we think that way then we are ignorant of our reality by reducing our awareness to a manifest object that cannot experience anything other than its limitation in consciousness.

I began this blog by looking for the understanding of what actually constitutes such a mind here in the world and the conclusion is that there is no one thing that constitutes a mind in the body, but actually, it is only the outcome of one thought that I am the body.

To find the reality of the mind is something that does not exist here on Earth because it is only where the truth exists beyond all manifestation that the Mind exists as The Self, and it is that Self in which all manifestation has existence.

While we live in a world with a fragmented idea of being a self in a body, the true Self and Mind cannot be known, and we will continue to see the world as many different forms and objects, whereas, within the Mind of the Self, everything is one with no limitation or separation.

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