Where Do You Stand in Light?

    How often do you think what it means to be enlightened? Many of our trustees and blog readers are often confronted by that question and ask: “Am I progressing in my understanding or just standing still?”

    That is a valid observation confronted on the path. That is born out of our insecurity and doubt, and so often, we are overwhelmed by many worldly events such as wars, economic problems, and health issues arising on an international scale, where there is a total disregard for individual safety and wellbeing. All that overwhelms us, and it is those self-interested individuals who think they rule the world by fear and murder.

    I have no intention of pointing to any particular nation, for it is common knowledge of where it occurs constantly without end. The so-called media cherry-pick what they write about or not, creating bloated stories in particular areas and ignoring the continual war and suffering in many other areas.

    For caring and sensitive individuals, the mass murder of innocent children, women, and men promotes a black hole in human consciousness devoid of Light and redemption. However, we are unaware that this state of human consciousness has relentlessly continued since the first human bodies morphed on the earth.

    How often do we say: “We are all One?” But on a daily level of interaction with one another, we place our selfish interests first.

    We have no regret for those who suffer mass extermination in another part of the world, just as long as we remain safe at a distance. What then does that say about our Oneness and the right of Life?

    The world promotes separation, whether of race or just so-called social divisions and castes. In our faith in Light and Life, we attempt to reconcile our feelings saying that good will prevail, yet that is only a pie in the sky, for self-interest always takes presentence as ME first!

    This blog is not being written by centering on the subject of the evil that exists deep in human consciousness, nor the good, for we are inwardly not controlled by dualities that are the fabric of the world illusion.

    Where then should we stand if not in the Light of the Eternal Self, in the perfection of the Pure consciousness that is the underlying source of the truth and oneness of all there is, where there is no petty individualism or vanity?

    It is time for us to make a stop and turn our attention with our inner sight to the source of that inner moment of all that is eternal and our Self, and not in a world of illusion and disgrace.

    While we continue to focus on all the negativity of the world, we are adding more to what already exists. We do that by accepting all the media reports and taking sides, which means we are creating images in our minds and consciousness that are reflected in the world's consciousness.

    Do we accept the inner world that we are creating within our being, one that supports the destruction of hundreds of thousands of bodies? It is said that we can only change our way of thinking and being, but we are so wrapped up in our illusion there is little room for change. Mostly we revert to being non-attached to the problems of others as well as our own and poke our heads in the sand.
One day it will all end with our self-destruction.

    Our bodies are only finite and short-lived and while we continue to manifest at such a low level of consciousness and continue to condition all new bodies to be as ignorant as our conditioning, not knowing that the truth exists beyond the world, as well as within all bodies, Nature must take its course and cut out the cancer.

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  • When thinking of the above illusion I remember a thought from the Transmissions….how does the Earth feel as this raping and violence goes on…think toward the Earth with Light and Love 💕

    Frances Coghlan

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