Where Are YOU

    It is difficult to assess just how much time we spend focusing on what exists beyond the world and the body’s consciousness. We all have different desires and thoughts on what is most important in our relationships with Zadore’s teachings in the Transmissions.

    Obviously, they have different meanings for different people mainly because within the consciousness available for our mind, we always have to make choices based on the demands of living in this world that continually challenges our attention.

   The inner world of everyone has changed very little over thousands of years where no one has any change in consciousness or evolved any increase in understanding and remains stuck in a groove of ignorance and illusion.

   Technological advancements in the world are seen by everyone as life-changing because it makes life easier materially, but material progress has continued ever since humans discovered the wheel, and although such advancements made life more liveable, nothing has changed in our inner state of being and understanding for here we are inwardly poor and this has led us to focus more on the world and what it provides rather than becoming more aware of our inner psychological understanding of our real nature.

   And this outer focus has left us unchanged not knowing who or what we really are or understanding the limitations imposed on us by the world, denying us peace and happiness, which we are all short of.

   So it all comes down to you and me and not anyone else, for we have to turn away from the world to reach our natural beauty that seems so far away. Because we often reach a dead end in this attempt to be, that we return once more to the world and all it has to offer which is not much.

   It is a world of pain and suffering, of destruction and loneliness where there is no salvation. Do we hide from this world by assuming that we may benefit by looking once more within by allowing everything without and within just to be?

   Our desire may be strong but begins to weaken when our inner expectations are not realized. But, who or what is doing the realization? Is it just you, your ego, and your mind that wants to keep you focused in the world of unreality that has not changed over thousands of years, in which you feel comfortable? How many more thousands of years are you prepared to live in what is best called a primitive state of consciousness?

We can only become aware of this challenge when we are fed up living all these lies and accepting them as being the truth, and it is not solved by reading and wishing but by action.


  • We are meant to be here as an unfoldment of nature and mankind itself. Should we neglect this sacred privilege and responsibility? No, for we are forever growing in the unfoldment of our true self which lives in the light of the all knowing creator. We live in a ‘creating’ universe not a ‘created’ one. So, what do you wish to create? This world is NOT a trap. No, it is man’s way of thinking which can be the trap which has been brought about through the distorted and erroneous religions, along with the materialist reductionist scientism which has proliferated such unbalanced nonsense. I used to think that the world was a trap. Then I asked myself who or what benefits from me thinking this way and I realised it is certainly not me, or those that I encounter daily, or for the unfoldment of my destiny in the light of all. One is simply sabotaging their own efforts to allow oneself to be all that one naturally is. We just need to let it unfold naturally from our core essence and remove the blocks and barriers which we have placed there ourselves through superstitious and fear based thinking. There is no need to escape and ‘go home’. You are home in the light already, just acknowledge that and let it be so.

  • Often when studying the Transmissions I come across statements saying there is no fast track to transformation, although the converse also…it can be a thought away.
    My awareness is growing and I’m gradually understanding that old patterns keep me attracted to the Illusion.
    The idea of contrasting those desires with the reality of being a multidimensional being is slowly permeating my consciousness.
    When I feel a frustration because I’m not getting involved with contemporary life…then think of the richness and glory of engaging with Nature or expanding my consciousness to include Brahman and the Universe, feeling the unconditional love of Ma Kwa Jesus…this reality is becoming stronger as the days pass.
    I am grateful for this Understanding, and can’t imagine where I would be, drifting alone and lost in the bottomless morass of the illusional world.

    Frances C.
  • Im ready to let go of that which does not serve me. Ive taken it to be indicative of me for so long. But i can feel through my life that its some kind of trap.
    They cant remain all twisted in the Light~

  • How true. I believe the beginning point for all humans in Western society is meditation and clean living and a desire to know what lies beyond.
    It is so true that this world that we reside in is full of pitfalls and traps designed to ensnare each of us. Once we understand this, we begin to see that there must be something greater to our existence. This cannot be ”all there is” as the saying goes.
    Humanity is full of endless possibilities, but unfortunately is caught in a very sophisticated trap. We are easily lead, and what is truly maddening to me is the controllers manipulation of this dimension we experience.
    I personally have a way to go to achieve balance and the existence I believe I will achieve. But it is a daily challenge and this world does make it difficult.
    I wish that each of you who reads this is reaching for your higher existence. We are truly all one longing to go home and I for one eventually plan to stay there!
    Blessings of love and peace to each of you.
    Mark H.


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