Where are the Children

Earth Suffers

Ignorance and greed abounds

Where are the children

A new revelation came from a man called Jon

His call is unheeded

The sheep have scattered

Chaos abounds

Where are the children

All the seeds have fallen 

On barren ground

And are weak and unproductive

The fruit lay rotting

Big corporations alone

Suck all the good

From the Earth

And all the people groan

Where are the children

The Sun dims

And the Earth cries

The people die

Forgotten and empty

Jesus came 

And looked down

On barren ground

Suffering strengthens

Where are the children

Promises broken

And minds full of fear

Of the dominance

Of the corporations

Where life is cheap

And through greed

Profits supply the need

Gossip, distraction

And tinsel fantasy

Are the importance of the now

Of the day

And it is all illusion

To veil the suffering,

Pain and fear

The ignorant are called air-heads

Which hides all that is vain

A revolution of fantasy

And where are the children

Suffer little ones to me

Is it not the little ones 

Who suffer

In ignorance and illusion

The Earth will reclaim its own

And destroy all greed

It is coming

It is coming

So Jon has said

Awaken from your sleep

See again free from blindness

And don’t be destroyed 

With all the minions 

Who who will quake 

At the return of the children

Where are the children

They are coming

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