What is the body - Three

This is the final post in the study of the body in consciousness of the Self and personality. At a later time we will continue this discussion relative to Being and Consciousness.

Like all other Earth bodies and forms, the human body has its appearance in Consciousness as an outer manifestation of Being. This body is finite in that it is subject to the demands of time and space.

Time and space appear relative to the outer manifestation of Being, and all objects and forms that have their source within Being are reflected in Consciousness. The duration in which an object appears in Consciousness is measured in time, and the size of the object relates to the space. For instance, when we compare the human body to the earth, obviously the earth utilizes more space.

We have little awareness of what the body actually is, because we view the body through an illusional concept created by the personality, and this concept is based on ignorance. Only through ignorance do we accept a limited understanding of what truly exists.

If you want to achieve the inner level of understanding of what you are, you have to end the illusional concept that you are your body, which cannot be achieved by continual chanting of affirmations saying that you are not the body.

You can intellectually accept that you are not your body, but that changes nothing inwardly, because the intellect is limited by the mind and personality.

You have to begin to observe and watch dispassionately the daily function of the thoughts and how the body responds to your thoughts. As well, you need to observe how all other animals function in consciousness and realize that they have no attachment or identification with their body. Then you will understand that attachment and identification are only a human thing. Other animals continually serve Nature without any sense of personal separation.

In the Transmissions it is repeatedly stated that what separates humans from other animals is the intellect that humanity possesses, which functions through the brain, creating the thought that it has a separate existence from the rest of creation, and this thought is responsible for the attachment to the body.

The body is an object that exists within the outer manifestation of Being. It has no direct relationship with Self except that, like all other objective manifestations, it reflects awareness in Consciousness.

The personality, body/mind and the body create the illusion that the self is something distinct and separate from the whole creation. Intellectually there is the belief that the body somehow has a direct flow of consciousness beginning at the level of Self and ending at the physical manifestation.

This concept has its root in religious doctrines and pseudo mystical concepts where the Self or God is the highest manifestation of the human being, and emanating from that source are Light frequencies that become more dense as they move away from the source and manifest at different levels as ‘bodies’, to quote their literature.

These doctrinal and mystical organizations list these ‘bodies’ as being the atman, causal, mental, astral, chemical and physical bodies. All this suggests that the human being at the physical level is a separate being having god like tendencies. This leads to the concept that there as many individual gods as there are human bodies. This kind of thought, although being escapism, denies the oneness that is Self consciousness and keeps us from experiencing the truth of our real Self.

So what is the body? All animal bodies, which include the human body, are born out of the earth elements and are animated by the vital force flowing through the sun. All forms and their patterns exist within Being, and in the outer manifestation are reflections of the inner nature of the Absolute consciousness of Self.

At the consciousness level of Self everything that manifests through Being externally does so in Self’s Consciousness. There is no personal Self, only one Self in which everything shares and exists.

The human body is a reflection of an inner state of Self, emanating out of Being. As an object limited to time and space the body manifests its presence in consciousness and, through the reflected image of the body, the Light Essence, becomes aware of Self. However, because of the limitation and separation imposed on the body by the personality, awareness of what I AM is walled out. We have to reach that level of knowing that beyond this wall of illusion everything only exists within Self Consciousness. Because of the illusion everyone believes the opposite, and that is that the Self is seated within the body.

As we previously said, we have to observe the body and mind daily and be aware of the pure consciousness that has been limited by the personality. The Light Essence is the only pure consciousness that exists in the outer consciousness, and in everyone it is dormant. However, it often arises in our consciousness as intuition, which reminds us that during our daily affairs there is, within, something permanent and unchanging, no matter what the age of the body.

It is this consciousness that we call the ‘watcher’ which observes the changing thoughts and memories over the years. Through this observation we begin to perceive the illusion of the I amness. It then becomes obvious that we are not the sameness that we think we are, and when we cast this illusion aside, the body is free to be what it is, and that is not our true nature.

Following this realization and understanding from within, the ‘watcher’ releases the consciousness of Self which now becomes the sole presence in our consciousness, and we no longer have any attachment with the body.

The body will continue to exist until it dies, and it will still complete all learned tasks and its relationships, and will work in the same way it always has, with no outward change. Now there will be a difference, because the body is no longer controlled by the I amness, and lives with no negativeness, and reflects into the world the pure nature of Self, which is love.

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