What is Consciousness

Deep peace of the running wave to you…

Everyone uses the word consciousness assuming that it is their realization of what they see life is. It is common to conceptualize consciousness, such as being the body’s consciousness, the world’s consciousness, the universal consciousness, or the absolute consciousness.

However, there is only one consciousness, because everything is consciousness. If this is so, then who or what are you? Mostly you think you are your body and that your personality is your self, which has control over the functions of your body. As well, all aspects of consciousness in the world are thought to be the result of the knowledge that has been accumulated through the body’s senses. So your consciousness belongs to the external world, and this is what is accepted as life.

This life you experience may not be what you like, because it does not provide you with the happiness and success you expect. Your life may be limited and isolated, with fears about your safety and wellbeing. You may well ask how all this pain and suffering came about; you blame your parents for not loving you; and everyone else who seems to thwart your efforts. What you fail to realize is that you alone are responsible for your present circumstances.

You have to come to the acceptance that this is where you are, and actually it was you who decided to live in these circumstances. It is your choice – you did not come here by chance – you have put yourself here through your own actions.

If you do not like your present circumstances then you have to change your mind. This has been discussed at length in the Transmissions; however, how many of us have actually made the effort to make this change of mind?

The first thing you have to do is to accept that you are responsible for being where you are, and ask yourself ‘how did I get myself into this situation, and why am I this way?’ Once you accept that you are the cause of your life, and take the responsibility for this, then you are in the position to make a change to your mind. To change your mind you have to change the way you think and feel.

What then does it mean to change your mind? Everything in our life is conditioned and programmed by the world we accept as real. Following the birth of the body we are conditioned in our thinking and feeling by our parents, which is followed by the world’s education, which is not limited by schooling alone. All the knowledge we think we have accumulated is limited because it is based solely on what we perceive through our bodily senses.

From this we have to realize that to make a change to our mind requires our understanding that all the knowledge we have accepted is false and based on ignorance. When we accept this we can challenge all our concepts and attitudes on life. To do this requires understanding from another source, an inner source that is not of this world.

Zadore’s Transmissions progressively re-condition our mind, directing our consciousness to experience the reality of what we are through understanding what we are not. This is how we change our mind and eventually know we are not of this world and body consciousness, that we are not the personality or ego that has attached and identified itself to the body, which has created the illusion that we are the body.

All we have to do is realize that if we change our state of mind, our conforming to false concepts, then the world around us changes. There will be no cessation of wars, greed and the vanity so rife in human consciousness; rather, when we live in harmony with our true nature within, we live in peace, love and oneness in Self.

August 4th 2017

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