What Has Been Lost

Flowing through the Sun is the Light of Zadore and Awareness.

Flowing through the Sun are the morphogenetic patterns of manifestation.

Out of the Sun’s core, the Solar System was formed, and we have named one such planet Earth.

Who are we?

Through all the Stars of the Universe, consciousness permeates the vast reaches of space.

What is there to remember?

We are forms on Earth's surface and are composed of thousands of species reflected in the Light of the Sun’s awareness. All earth forms make up the combined earth consciousness.

Who or what has lost something?

The Consciousness that is present in all forms and objects has always been limited by the capacity of all forms to contain consciousness for the Earth’s Nature.

The human body being the highest form that manifests consciousness on the earth has in its pattern the potential to become one in the Sun’s Light and awareness. Because we think and act through the body’s senses, brain, and mind we have transformed the earth by creating a world of power and achievements that has done little to increase consciousness.

We have directed our consciousness to create an illusory world that is only a thought in the mind based on sensory knowledge of being a separate body.

What are we missing here, and why are dependent on believing that the Earth alone holds the key that will open the Universe to experience the Eternal Absolute’s Oneness?

No Answer?

Only if we turn our attention to the universal awareness that shines through the Sun and away from the limited awareness of our bodies, what would we uncover?

We do not know, and what we do not know is that unless we disengage from the objectivity of the Earth, and leave our body to the Earth, only then will we be aware of the Sun’s Pure Consciousness, which is not something we have forgotten, because in the moment we have never known or realized the presence of the Pure Consciousness and Being that is the Light and Awareness of the Eternal Moment.

What then have we lost?


We have faced ignorance and illusion believing it to be Reality, never knowing the eternal Light in which we exist is beyond time and illusion.

We do not have to remember anything because we have never known our true state of Being.

All we have to do is to be consciously aware of the Eternal Light that flows through the Stars and what you have to do is just BE that.

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