What Follows Destruction


One hand lights a match and a forest fire ensues.

Whose hand is that? We do not know, except it is a demented human being who knowingly creates that destructive force that destroys not only homes and properties but also the habitats of birds and all other animal species.
That is not any different than dropping bombs or firing missiles at the homes of innocent families who never hold a gun.

One hand signs a declaration of war.

Arms and weapons are shipped from other countries from the other side of the world, where death and destruction follow.

A dictator decides to dam a river that has its source in his country.

That river flows into other countries and constitutes the livelihood and food source for many countries downstream, including trade. The water becomes stagnant and polluted; fish die and people have to move; such is the fate of the Mekong.

Military rule and ethnic cleansing go hand in hand.

People flee across borders and live in tent cities, homeless, hungry, and living in disease and filth.

It is always one of the many that create such destruction? The answer is not clear-cut.

The many are not ignorant, and yet they pretend not to harm the lives of others, yet they still desire wealth and a life of luxury at the cost of the Earth’s health and well-being, and it is never their fault.

They quote that their god created the earth for them, ‘go and prosper’, and we let it rip ─ not realizing that we are only destroying our bodies.

We try and justify everything we do and let the future take care of itself and little do we know there is no future for us. We say that in the universe destruction is a natural event, so what’s natural for the universe is the same for our planet and is out of our hands.

Whose hand pulls the trigger?

Whose finger presses the button to release the missile from a drone, and walk back to their car when the day shift ends?

Is it me or you or someone the same as us? Who is it at the other end of the gun, the blast of the missile, or the rain of fire descending from the heavens?

And when it comes to renewal are they all buried in mass graves of the unknown?

And did not Jesus say that all that is not the end, for you will know the end when you see the Abomination of Desolation standing where it should not be?

And who is that? Brother and Sister, it is you and me ─ can’t you see?

For there is nothing left to be!

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