In the book "Enter the Vortex", transmission fifteen describes the concept of dimensions and the flow of consciousness through them. It emphasizes the importance of transcending the limitations and illusions of the lower dimensions, the Astral realm, which is dominated by deceptive forces that manipulate human consciousness.

On a Third-dimensional level, the best description of You – THE LIGHT working through You – is a feeling of 'Warmth'. You have this feeling when you appreciate the actions another person performs selflessly on your behalf. This Warmth flows right through your five sensual pathways. It flows when you have close feelings and relationships with others, and when you feel joy for the achievements of others, for it is THE LIGHT moving through Its creation. You cannot mentally choose this flow of Warmth, or have it on demand, for it is only experienced by feeling your Light flowing through a purified Ego, and radiating out to all.

It encourages you not to be confined by karma or dogma, but to strive for freedom from the illusions of the lower dimensions by focusing on this Warmth and Love that emanates from the higher dimensions. This process is described as a regeneration of one's being, in which old karmic baggage is shed and a new, purer state of consciousness is achieved.

Ultimately, freedom from the limitations and illusions of the lower dimensions can be attained by aligning oneself with the Warmth and Light of the higher dimensions. This transformation requires effort and letting go of old attachments and distorted self-images, but it will lead you to a state of peace and freedom beyond what can be experienced within the Astral illusion.

As you attune more deeply to the Warmth and Light, you will find that your connections with others will deepen and evolve as well. Relationships based on genuine love, compassion, and understanding will flourish, while those that were built on the foundation of the Astral illusions will fall away. This process can be both exhilarating and painful, as it requires letting go of old attachments and welcoming new connections that align with your higher self.

The more you align with the higher dimensions, the more you will find that synchronicities and meaningful coincidences become a natural part of your life. These occurrences serve as reminders that you are on the right path and that the universe is supporting you in your journey towards higher consciousness.

Why wait and relive many more life experiences on the Earth when you can choose your freedom NOW!

It is as simple as that, for it is only the Astral Illusion and the system embedded within it which tells you otherwise.

The more you feel the 'Warmth' flowing within your consciousness, the more quickly you will become YOU FOREVER!

 Recommended Reading: Enter the Vortex as One Light - Transmission 15



  • Beautiful. Thank you Emissary.

  • Thank you its so easy to forget and fall.back into old habits. I shall certainly re read the chapter recommended as so much want to fulfil my mission this time and be the best I can be without the need to return.

    Barbara Bailey

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