Waiting Without Waiting

Jesus stood with Lazerus watching John the Baptizer standing in the Jordan with hundreds of people waiting on the shore to be baptized. After Lazarus had departed, Jesus contemplated his journey so far into the Light.

‘How often did I seek to know the Eternal Father by utilizing the power of my individual mind? Eventually, it was obvious that following this way was only vanity. Throughout my youth, I studied in the Temple scriptures, dogma and rituals believing that this would lead me, through practice to knowing the Eternal Father, but this too was vanity’.

Jesus knew that mind and action were incapable of leading him to experience his true nature and he accepted that ignorance and illusion kept humanity from becoming one with their own true nature.

The way to Light requires understanding that we know nothing and that we depend on waiting. 

Looking down at John he knew now the waiting had ended and walked down to the river where John was baptizing.

‘He stood face to face with the Baptizer … who raised his hands as a prelude and a sign that the one to be baptized should be prepared to submit.

‘Jesus rose again out of the water and the water streamed off him and flew about in beads of crystalline Light.

‘Jesus stood within the Sun where the flame of Zadore burned at the core, and from that center flame, the Light of Ma Kwa Jesu appeared coming toward him, with radiant arms and hands out-reaching, and eyes shining with love. Jesus extended his hands and they clasped in a loving embrace, blending together indissolubly. They were ONE.

‘He was at peace and the stillness of peace was upon him, such peace and such stillness as he had not experienced before.

‘His consciousness was moved to tender love for this creation and his heart flowed into the Earth and through it and beyond. If he had wanted once to dance the pathway of the Stars, he did it now, and he was the Stars he danced upon, for their Light was his Light.

‘And he danced beyond even the Stars into …’

(The Thread of Infinity - The Golden Shore: Healer 5. By Kao Wa Mai)

From this Oneness of Light experienced in the River Jordan, we received the pure teachings that Jesus gave humanity in the Gospels for our salvation and assent into Light.

However, history shows a different version of where they ended. Following Calvery and the Pentecost, the Apostles choose to concentrate on mass conversion based on Calvery and baptism in the name of the Holy Ghost and ignoring the basic tenants of the Gospel. They had taken possession of Jesus’ name to make his life something of which to marvel; to make his personality an idol for adoration, and seized on the Gospel to make it a sacred writing; to be learned, recited and translated.

 They founded a religion and expanded it into many sects; built cathedrals and churches adorning them with statues; established dogmas, scriptures, rules, disciplines, and practices. They fell into the trap of all other religions by making the Church the only true way as the intermediary between women and men and God, denying them the access to their True Nature as Jesus taught.

Religions have always taken away from the individual the right of their own salvation, by being ignorant of the fact that everyone already is in the Light of their true Self. Everyone is unaware of this because the religions have conditioned them otherwise.

I will digress here with a parable: A man was working in a field and his only wealth was a diamond that he had inherited. He always kept it in his pocket because there was no other place for its safe keeping . He had not known that the diamond had worn a hole in the pocket and the diamond fell to the ground. When he got home that night he discovered the loss. The next morning he went searching for the diamond and could not find it. 

As the seasons progressed the diamond became covered with dirt and then mud and lay close to the surface. By now the man had given up all hope of finding his lost diamond and was clearing stones from the soil and throwing them to the side, and the mud-covered diamond was cast aside with the other stones Bur, when it was thrown away with the other stones a small chip of mud, was scraped off.

The next day he returned to the field to continue digging the stoners out of the soil. He stopped for a rest and a small glint of light caught his eye. He walked over and he saw it was on one of the stones, and he picked it up. He rubbed the stone and to his astonishment saw it was his lost diamond.

Your inner Light has ceased to shine because it is covered with ignorance, negative emotions, vanity, self-justification, passion, false concepts, and illusion.

This is the mud covering your Light, your true nature, and has caused a hardened shell around your Light. However, when you begin to remove all this ignorance and the “mud” begins to crack and wash away, what remains is the pure Oneness of Light shining forth. 

When asked what the Kingdom of Heaven was like, Jesus often answered with a parable about lost and found, rather than teaching the following of rituals and so on, to still the mind. For him, everything was simple and easily understood, making it easy for us to break out of the prison of darkness that we have drawn around our consciousness. Finding the Kingdom was like losing something, searching and finding it.

We have all heard of people losing their spectacles and searching everywhere and not finding them. Then someone asks them what they have lost? ‘My spectacles’ is the reply. ‘Why they are on your head!’ They were never lost and still close by. So too is your Self that you ardently search for, and it to is so close that you cannot see it.

When you stop searching and realize that there is nothing to do and that you know nothing, then you stop searching and surrender  to the Light, God or whatever you hold as your highest aspiration, then the Light, which is the core of your being burns away the shell you have created, and the Light of Awareness flows through your consciousness and you realize what you are and that this has always been and is Eternal.

The waiting has ended and you were waiting without waiting, because you are what waited.

‘And he danced beyond even the Stars into …’

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