Union With God

The beginning of this present millennium was heralded with the coming of the VOLAH Transmissions of Zadore,

Jon Whistler, through his contact with Zadore in the late 20th Century, gave to the world the message of what we need to do to change our personal level of consciousness and welcome the new age of peace, love, and understanding for humanity - now.

As Jon began writing down the Transmissions he received from Zadore, there followed a large body of teachings readily available to study that has changed the lives and consciousness for all those seekers, who have shed from their consciousness all the old ignorant and illusional concepts that have kept the human mind in darkness and ignorance.

This world, in which we now live, is based on having a religious hierarchy that stands between God and us.

All such organizations are based on conditioning and control over our mind and lives.

Zadore’s message and teachings reveal that there is only way of unity and light, and that is through our direct contact with God without any intermediary.

To reveal Zadore’s teachings, in the form of Transmissions to the world, Jon Whistler had a website made, lightpulsions.com, where all the Transmissions and books are readily available world wide.

As well as the books and Transmissions, there is a blog and forum, where those seeking interaction with each other, can come together to share in oneness and love that leads to their unity with God.

If you realize that this world in which we live is a world of fear, pain, suffering, and insecurity, a world of control and bondage, then through reading these Transmissions, you will destroy all ignorance and darkness in your consciousness and become one in Zadore's Vortex of Light, Love and freedom, adding your Self to being one in the changing consciousness of the Earth.

Don’t delay any longer.

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