Understanding True Freedom

There is a hidden world within us, far more significant than the one we perceive with our senses. This realm, as highlighted in the Volah Transmissions by Zadore, is integral to understanding our personality, attitudes, and negative emotions. The Transmissions emphasize a shift in focus from the exterior world to our internal being as a path to true freedom - an escape from the self-inflicted anguish we experience in our daily lives.

In the societal context, freedom is often misinterpreted as liberation from worldly oppression, such as political or religious persecution. However, relocating across borders in pursuit of this illusory freedom only brings us into conflict with others who fail to comprehend our beliefs or practices. This pattern exemplifies the fact that altering our external circumstances does not inherently change our inner state.

We carry within us not just physical baggage, but also generations of ingrained attitudes and internal conflicts. These shape the lens through which we perceive the world and affect our relationships with others. Recognizing that true freedom is an internal state, separate from external influences, is the first step towards liberating ourselves from self-inflicted suffering.

Zadore, through the VOLAH Transmissions, enlightens us that the key to changing our consciousness, and thus our existence, lies within us. Our freedom and destiny depend on our ability to discern the fallacies and violence embedded within our personalities, influencing our actions. To bring about a genuine change, we must strive consciously to awaken from the pervasive sleep that encapsulates our lives.

Zadore's teachings on personality explore the dichotomy between the illusion of personality in the sensual world and our true essence. Personality, as we understand it, is not a permanent entity. Rather, it is a construct born out of our sensory interactions with the external environment. The impressions and experiences from these interactions fill our outer centers, shaping our personality and limiting the growth of our essence.

Trans-generational influences have a profound impact on the development of individual personalities. Behaviors, attitudes, and feelings of previous generations can remain embedded in the consciousness of future generations, limiting their inner development and perpetuating a one-dimensional level of consciousness.

Rebellious youth movements, such as the ones seen on university campuses in the 1940s and '50s, illustrate this generational cycle. Despite an initial drive to change the world, these generations often end up adopting the lifestyles of the very generations they once rebelled against. This highlights how deeply ingrained patterns in the astral illusion can hold back human development.

Personality within the astral illusion is an intriguing facet of human behavior. People often perceive their personality as their individual self, capable of controlling their destiny. However, this belief is a fallacy. In reality, our personality is no different from a machine operating on pre-set commands, capable of being shut down.

In the grand scheme of human consciousness, each personality is not unique but rather an extension of a collective consciousness. The earth's etheric field stores memories of past experiences, which resurface in every life recurrence. Our sensual being attracts these experiences, thus forming our personality and determining our reactions to life events.

The truth is that there are no unique personality patterns, only different fields of attraction in the astral illusion that are influenced by generational flow. These patterns become repetitive behaviors, attitudes, and emotional reactions that anchor our consciousness in lower dimensional levels.

In conclusion, the Personality we perceive is an Illusional Personality, reflecting the unchanging nature of the sensual being. Despite its finite existence, it also has the potential to serve a higher consciousness - our Essence. Therefore, it's imperative that we strive to develop a new state of being and consciousness, lifting our Personality from the lower dimensions and unshackling ourselves from the confines of the Astral Illusion.



  • I understand why these fallacies can’t be shown to us in their entirety all at once. I am currently involved in a very painful, intense revealing of some of these fears and grabs for power and it really is a difficult experience to go through. Necessary if I want to purge them though. We must not forget to love ourselves during these times because it’s easy to slip into self-pity and self-loathing when you observe (trying to be objective and passive) your behaviour to others. Desperate little personalities vying for attention on an empty stage in an empty auditorium.

  • intriguing reminder about the essentially unoriginal nature of ‘my’ Personality, as propagated in it’s multiple fragments, mirroring others throughout the illusional outer world, thanks.


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