Understanding the Three Energies in Our Lives

    Have you ever pondered why some of your desires and aspirations face obstacles, or why certain dreams, despite fervent efforts, remain unfulfilled? The Transmissions reveal a profound framework that can provide insight into these so called mysteries of life. It revolves around understanding the interplay of three essential energies: the "first energy" of desire or will, the "second energy" of opposition, and the "third energy," the neutral force that can tip the scales. This blog explores these energies and their implications in our journey towards self-realization and transformation.

    The first energy is the initiator. It is the spark of desire, the will to achieve something. This could be a goal, a change in life, or even the aspiration for spiritual enlightenment. This energy propels us forward, igniting our passion and determination.

    However, as soon as this energy is released, it encounters the second energy - resistance. This opposing force can manifest in various forms: external challenges, internal doubts, or societal pressures. It's an inevitable part of the process, creating a friction that either strengthens our resolve or causes us to falter.

    The pivotal point in this dance is the third energy, the neutral force. Its alignment is crucial. If it sides with the first energy, the path towards achieving our goal becomes clearer, obstacles become surmountable. Conversely, if it aligns with the second energy, our initial willpower and desire might diminish, leading to unfulfilled aspirations or abandoned journeys.

The Astral Illusion and Transformation

    Zadore's transmissions emphasize that this dynamic is particularly significant in our quest for spiritual growth and breaking free from the Astral Illusion - a state of being that keeps us entangled in materialistic and lower vibrational pursuits. The desire for spiritual awakening (first energy) often confronts the formidable resistance of the Astral Illusion (second energy). Here, the third energy can be a transformative force. When aligned with our spiritual aspirations, it enables us to transcend the Illusion, leading us closer to the truth of our existence and the universe.

    Understanding these energies isn't merely a philosophical exercise. It has practical implications in our daily lives. Whether we are pursuing a new career, a personal goal, or spiritual enlightenment, recognizing these energies at play can offer profound insights. It teaches us resilience, shows us the importance of our mindset (the third energy), and guides us in navigating through the resistance we inevitably face.

    The journey to enlightenment and self-realization is not linear. It's a path filled with twists and turns, dictated by the interplay of these three energies. By becoming conscious of their presence and influence in our lives, we can navigate our journey with greater wisdom and understanding. This awareness is a stepping stone towards achieving not only our worldly goals but also in transcending the Astral Illusion and realizing our true selves in the light of universal consciousness.

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