Turning away from the Astral Illusion


    The Astral Illusion, a construct of our collective consciousness, veils the true essence of our being and the universe at large. It's within this context that we find ourselves searching for meaning, purpose, and enlightenment. Yet, the path to transcending the Astral Illusion is fraught with challenges and distractions that can lead even the most determined seeker astray.

    The Astral Illusion is a seductive and compelling reality that ensnares us with its web of deceit. It's a world that feeds on our desires, fears, and ambitions, keeping us entangled in a web of material pursuits and superficial gratifications. This illusion is not just a metaphorical concept but a tangible reality that impacts every aspect of our lives, from our relationships and careers to our spiritual practices and quests for enlightenment.

    To navigate away from the Astral Illusion, it's imperative to first recognize its presence and influence in our lives. This recognition is not one of judgment or disdain but of understanding and awareness. It's acknowledging that while the Astral Illusion is a part of our current experience, it does not define the totality of our existence. We are, in essence, beings of light and love, connected to a source of infinite wisdom and power that transcends the confines of the Astral Illusion.

    The journey to expanded consciousness is, at its core, a process of remembering our true nature and reconnecting with the universal consciousness. This process requires diligence, patience, and a willingness to let go of the attachments and identifications that bind us to the Astral Illusion. It's about cultivating a state of being that is grounded in presence, compassion, and unconditional love—a state that allows us to see beyond the illusion and embrace the oneness of all existence.

    Engaging in acts of selfless service and love can help us break free from the illusion's grasp by aligning our actions with the universal principles of compassion and unity.

    However, it's important to recognize that the path through the Astral Illusion is unique for each individual. What works for one person may not work for another, and the journey is often non-linear, filled with detours and setbacks. The key is to stay committed to the quest, study the transmissions and trust in the transformative power of the universal light and love.

    Turning away from the Astral Illusion is a vital aspect of our spiritual evolution. By acknowledging its presence, cultivating awareness, and aligning our actions with our higher purpose, we can transcend the illusion and step into a state of expanded consciousness. This journey, while challenging, holds the promise of unveiling the profound beauty and interconnectedness of all existence, leading us to a place of peace, joy, and boundless love.


  • Thank you for your comments Douglas. Yes, I remember reading those themes that you mentioned here. I think this blog topic is probably more important then any other at this current time we live in. It is easy to discuss light, love and oneness and all of those things that people love to read. The reality is that apophatic learning is far more powerful. Which is learning about what we are ‘not’, all the undesirable aspects and deconstructing that. I think that our light is like the sun, we cannot look at it directly. Hence discussing what blocks it.. Astral Illusion is more effective in my view.

  • Hi Ben,
    I’ve read your comment on the LP blog. I am not the author of that blog and will put my two-bobs worth into the pot.
    The quote from ‘One Light” was written following the first Transmissions they received from Zadore and the capsule and was a basic understanding of the Astral Lords.
    Later Jon wrote In Chapter Three of the “Thread of Infinity” at the end of the second Time Loop the Astral Illusion was formed.
    So, the Astral Illusion had its beginning then. It was not present in the first two Time Loops.
    We know from Zadore that the Astrals Lords are incapable of communicating with human beings and attempted to control them through dreams, which was ineffective.
    Before the beginning of the Third Time Loop Janix and Rasparil began to influence the rulers and the priests into creating control of the people which was the first attempt by the Astrals to influence and manipulate humanity’s minds and actions, and during those periods they recruited other people as entities to enforce their control.
    Illusion means creating circumstances to delude our minds into believing that unreality is reality, similar to a magician’s.
    We confuse the world and the earth which are two different things. The Earth is a conscious object and the world is an illusional thought of the Ego.
    The Astral Illusion is a vast Matrix that has no interest in manipulating the individual but humanity as a whole.
    Whether the Astral Illusion is a construct of the collective consciousness is a fact, it certainly is not individual.
    Regards, Douglas

  • I am thankful that this topic is being explored here. I often think it is not the world that is illusory but it is the way we think about it that can bring about illusion. The One Light books seem to me to suggest this as well.

    I would like to ask the author of this topic to clarify a point made in the article, for unless I am mistaken there is a contradiction here.

    In the glossary of terms at the back of the book ‘One Light’ it says… ‘The illusion is a creation of the Astral Lords which dominates the mind of mankind’ p.235 Whereas you state at the beginning of the article that the Astral Illusion is a construct of our collective consciousness.

    Could you please clarify? Many Thanks.

  • Hello all, Great message.For me the desire is there to reconnect with my light.Its a matter of application and effort.I just have to apply myself to it a lot more.I have had a few experiences and briefly felt what its like beyond the illusion.

    One night back in 2007, I remember I was in bed and I just couldn’t sleep.There was constant mind rambling going on.I went into it and was feeling and observing it as best as I could.Suddenly it stopped.Then I watched a vivid visual experience take place in my mind,followed by a what felt like a deluge of light flood through mind and body.I felt a heavy weight lift.Perhaps it was excess Karma from many life times.I felt lighter, like I was as light as a feather and a feeling of deep peace within.

    I think a tiny crack or opening occurred within.And within a week the experience wore off.The full opening is yet to occur.But I definitely want it with all my heart.

    Michael James

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