True Success

How do you feel about your status in life? Do you compare yourself with other people who appear to demonstrate a successful way of life?

Often, we think when we see someone standing above the crowd appearing confident, impressing them with their wit and outgoing personality that draws everyone to them, and somehow, we feel inferior and want to emulate them.

Of course, such outgoing people appear to be successful in life and in order to maintain that image they need to attract hangers-on to bolster their so-called importance. We constantly see this nowadays with self-acclaimed influencers on social media with followers that only boost their bloated ego.

Why then would we support such individuals? Are we unable to think for ourselves or do we have a low self-image? Are we like a moth that is drawn to the light of others for our reason to be?

Often our lives appear to be a mixture of uncompleted desires and we become frustrated, suffer, and end up blaming others for our insufficiencies. Within the illusion, we are told to take charge of our lives and rise above all these disasters that hold us back from being successful.

We are told that all this is our karma and we have to accept our suffering as compensation for all the wrongs we have done to others.

When we believe that we are accepting what our ego desires and that is to keep us in the grip of ignorance and illusion.

All those people we think are important and successful and are enjoying the benefits of the world are living in their own deception where they are caught in the trap of seeking material rewards that push them further away from reaching their true nature, for they are following the path that ends in endless loneliness and distraction.

When we follow the simple life, we are closer to the reality of life within and have fewer desires for worldly acclaim.

Zadore said: “…the more you attune to your higher consciousness the more quickly you will get the job done. Align your ego with the music of your being and act in concert together and move into the higher frequencies of the Earth.

“Remove all desire, feel and listen to the inner urges that are impelling you to the completion of your mission. Align your actions to these urges and you will be expressing all your Light in the joy of accomplishment of Brahman and you.”

( ‘And the Band Played On’ – ‘Enter the Vortex as One Light’)

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  • Beautiful..i am getting there after the last 3 years of shear agony because I chose not to be vaccinated 💜

    Aida De'Ceglie

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