In The Earthlight Transmissions, Transmission 5, it says to

'Become as transparent as a clear crystal ball, for the crystal ball allows all things to flow through it and be seen. Nothing impinges on such transparency. What is transparent cannot experience pain and suffering.'

Currently, your personality is not clear and transparent because you allow feelings and emotion to blend and color your personality. The coloring is the excess baggage you carry, and it influences the way you behave. Not only you but mostly everyone around you. This creates a negative reflection as the Earth experiences do not pass through but are instead mirrored back to the world of the senses.

Since most of the Human Personalities are mirroring back the same negative reflections, the Illusion becomes a hall of mirrors with muddied reflections.

In order for your Light essence to mirror its Light through you and through your crystal Personality, you need to clean the tarnished coating from the crystal Personality. In doing so, you will be taking a first step back toward your inner Light.

The transmission continues with:

‘To move toward the Vortex of Light and Healing you need to become aware of your transparent self, for you are that crystal ball. Transparency is the path of new consciousness, and you should affirm inwardly that you are a transparent being of Light, for you are already that Light. Let your Personality become the transparent lens, which allows the clear flow of Light through it into the Third-dimension and the Earth.

‘Once you clean your crystal Personality, you will see that the Earth is a conscious being reflecting the patterns of Light and information from the inner essence of the Sun.

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