Transmissions or Oracle Cards

    Some of our trustees and blog readers are confused about when to use the Transmissions or Oracle cards to increase their understanding of the VOLAH.

    Over the years following the release of “One Light” and “Enter the Vortex as One Light” which were the original teachings of Zadore we were exposed to a new flow of conscious awareness from a source beyond the world knowledge and illusion that opened our limited worldly knowledge from the repression, bondage and ignorance that has held us separated from the reality of our true nature.

    That wake-up call has led thousands of people to study Zadore’s Transmissions and become aware of all the conditioned lies of a self-centered illusion controlling our lives in the world.

    All the Transmissions are devised to place seekers of acquiring knowledge based on the truth to rise above the ignorance of the material world and become one in the higher consciousness of their Self-awareness.

    We must realize that every transmission contains the seeds of the true reality of our beings, and when we find some principles difficult to understand, that should not give us any concern and just continue to follow on with our studies. You will find later on when you reread that same transmission that what confronted you in the past is now readily understood, all the seeds have sprouted.
    That is the way of progress and understanding for all of us, and I am sure we can agree on that. If you still are having difficulty then you should take the time to think about your expectations when you first started to study and see if they are in line with the truth you seek.

Oracle Cards

    We cannot use the Oracle cards as a means of bypassing the Transmissions. They have a particular use when we are confronted by personal problems and emotional disturbances that are related to old buried memories that control our behavior, where we always unconsciously react in similar situations.

    Zadore introduced the Oracle cards to direct our consciousness to select a particular card that would direct our understanding to reveal the cause of our uncontrolled behavior.

    With our card selection, we have to be relaxed and sincere in what we want to know and with any prior expectations.

    Once you have selected your card do not jump to any particular conclusions because that is your mind taking control.

    You now have to read what the card says and its meaning, ending all thought and becoming passive. Meditate about the content of the card and make no particular assumptions.

    Over succeeding days or weeks continue to read and reflect on the card's meaning, and become quiet and just be open.

    You have to allow yourself to reveal your answer and if after a time you still have not received your answer you will have to rephrase your question and draw another card that will lead you to a deeper awakening.

    Do not willy-nilly draw a new card every day because that will lead you nowhere and you are wasting your time and efforts.

    Stop all thought, listen, and have patience, for you cannot storm the gates of heaven.

    Do not blame the Earth for all your problems in your lives, for it is beautiful and your body’s mother.

    It is the world you have created in your minds and accept, in your ignorance and illusion, that is where your suffering arises.


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