Transcending the Intellect

In attempting to navigate the complexities of our internal lives, you may realize the inherent difficulty of putting such abstract experiences into tangible words. Like a poet groping in the dark for the perfect metaphor, we often fall short of encapsulating the richness of our interior worlds. This challenge isn't novel; even Jesus, in his teachings, utilized a variety of analogies to convey the concept of the kingdom of heaven, indicating the universal struggle in expressing profound truths.

The complexity arises from the fact that we are attempting to articulate higher dimensions of consciousness, experiences that supersede our usual realm of comprehension, through the limited lens of our personalities and intellects. It's like trying to sketch a three-dimensional object onto a two-dimensional surface; inevitably, aspects are lost in translation. The accounts we give of our internal journeys are mere shadows, vague echoes of the real experiences, as they cannot fully exist in our current plane of consciousness.

Nevertheless, despite our limited awareness of these experiences, they significantly shape our consciousness. They alter our perception, attitudes, and the way we engage with the world. Just as an "inciting incident" in a story prompts the protagonist to change their course, a single profound internal experience can permanently reroute our life trajectory. These experiences spark transformations akin to those brought about by real-world shocks, shaking our sensory consciousness out of complacency and prompting us to reconsider our behavior.

When it comes to understanding, we rely heavily on our intellect, which is often colored by emotions. However, this understanding lacks substance at the level of Essence and Self. To experience the unity of Being, one must be aware of its totality across all dimensions of consciousness. This unification requires integrating higher and lower aspects of consciousness, like connecting rungs on a ladder, and reflecting this integration even at the lowest frequencies of Being.

Writing about the emergence of a new being within our Essence is not about creating something novel. It's about unlocking consciousness at a different level, akin to ascending a ladder. As we climb higher, our perspective broadens. We are not physically changing, but our awareness and perception of our surroundings expand. This elevated understanding changes our reality and attitudes, leading us towards an understanding of the Truth, though we might not be living that Truth yet.

As our consciousness expands, it transitions from one level to another - from the realm of the intellect to the realm of feeling, where Truth resides. This is reminiscent of Jesus's teachings about faith: it must first be absolute in the intellect, and when it's alive in our emotional center, we transition from merely believing to truly seeing.

In previous discussions, we touched upon the external sensual being, representing the lowest level of consciousness. Anything that permeates this level hails from the Astral shadow or externalized Darkness. Paradoxically, Light and Darkness coexist in the universe but are oblivious to each other.

Our Personality, with its variable consciousness levels, is aware of the outer sensual being and the potential of the Essence. However, while it has the potential to connect with the Essence, it lacks direct awareness of the Essence's existence. In contrast, it is fully conscious at the level of the sensual being as it is deeply immersed in it.

The sensual being operates at the planetary level of consciousness, representing the being of Nature on Earth. There exists a lower order comprising the Astral being and the Externalised Darkness, with the Astral Being manifesting through negative emotions in the Third Dimensional consciousness. These negative emotions fuel the Astral consciousness and amplify its power.

The Astral being, devoid of Light, merely reflects the external Darkness. This Darkness, bereft of consciousness, operates through a primal desire to attract and consume everything within its realm. It generates waves of negative emotions in humans, feeding the Darkness in an ill-fated bid for self-preservation.

Our journey towards a higher state of consciousness resembles climbing a ladder. With each step, we reach a new level of consciousness that reflects our Being's corresponding level. It's a striving towards the ultimate state of consciousness in this universe - the consciousness of Self.

However, it's not a smooth ascent. We all face a phase where we mistakenly believe that we can reach a higher level of Being purely through our intellect. This misconception arises because, initially, it was the intellect that sought the Higher Knowledge leading to the development of the new being within Essence. Now, at this stage, the intellect longs to experience what it perceives as a greater achievement.

Yet, the intellect's desire to unite with the Essence through reason and will acts as a barrier. It's like trying to touch the sky while standing firmly on the ground - the intellect, being lesser, cannot comprehend the greater by its own volition. This barrier might lead the intellect to invent psychological games to penetrate this self-made barrier, failing to realize that it is, in fact, the barrier itself.

If someone believes they are self-conscious, it's challenging to change that belief. Since the intellect and reason believe they possess self-consciousness, they cannot truly unite with the Essence. The intellect falsely believes it is the new being, using Higher Knowledge to reinforce this belief, thus perpetuating the barrier. This insight helps us understand the criticality of transcending mere intellectual understanding to genuinely evolve in consciousness.



  • The clear analogies and concepts put forward in these blogs is very helpful.
    Taking nebulous ideas and making them more concrete!! Many thanks, love the ladder metaphor

  • Thanks again for this post :) It certainly is difficult trying to
    describe some of these momentary shifts in energy perception…

    Blaeghd Bell
  • This is so beautiful..its really helped me today

    Aida De'Ceglie

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