Transcending Sensual Desires of Will

    In the quest for spiritual growth and inner transformation, one of the most profound concepts is the understanding of the barrier that separates us from our true Essence and inner being. This barrier, as revealed in the transmissions, is identified as 'Will' - a powerful force that shapes our desires and drives our consciousness in the world of the senses.

    Will is the energy that powers our desires, which in turn are the underlying force of the Eternal Absolute from which everything in creation emanates. Each level of creation, including ourselves, possesses this desire, the desire to Be, to manifest consciousness. In the grand design of the Universe, Self, the creative power and mind of the Universe, intended to manifest its consciousness and Light in the material dimension. This was to be achieved through a connection of will between Self and Personality, mediated by Essence.

    However, this ideal arrangement was disrupted. Personality, seduced by the Astral Being's promises of power and wealth, diverted its will to a newly formed sensual being. This shift led to Personality's entrapment in the senses, mistakenly believing in its possession of power and consciousness in the dimensional world. Consequently, the will that Self assigned to Personality got locked in the world of the senses, expressing itself through negativity, vanity, covetousness, lust, passion, and violence. This diversion of will resulted in a disconnection from Essence and Self, severing our access to the consciousness of the Earth and the human body.

    To reconnect with our Essence it is imperative to observe and work diligently at liberating Personality's will from the clutches of the sensual being. Once this liberation is achieved, we can reach the inner heights, experiencing the living truth of Self. It is a journey of self-discovery and transformation, where the seeker must consciously recognize and dismantle the wall of 'Will' that separates them from their true Essence and the Light of the Universe.

    Embarking on this path requires more than intellectual understanding or wishful thinking; it involves a deep, personal effort to change our consciousness and align it with our true spiritual nature. Zadore's transmissions offer guidance and understanding to seekers who aspire to move deep into the Vortex, attuning with the Universal energies and building a new being in harmony with Essence. This transformative journey is both a personal responsibility and a profound opportunity to experience the fullness of life.


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