The Watcher

Deep peace of the flowing air to you…

We have to realize that all the knowledge accumulated in the world is based on what we have learned and accepted through the outer senses, and actually is based on false concepts and ideas that exist within, which results in ignorance and illusion. As well, there is also that intuitive knowledge that comes from a higher source beyond the senses. What does this mean for us? Obviously there must be true and false knowledge that exists within the mind, and this forms the duality of the way we think.

The mind contains all the thoughts and memories that we have experienced in our external consciousness. We live, think and act out of these accumulated thoughts and memories. We believe that we have the power to think and reason, however that is based on ignorance where, when we say we are thinking, we are actually only bringing out different memories relative to the problem we are trying to solve.

All memories have thoughts and emotions underlying each memory, and these thoughts, Zadore has said, form all the I’s or I-thoughts that plague our outer consciousness.

We have to become aware that what we consider as being emotions is only learned reactions and are not real.

Very early in life, as a small child, we copy the way our parents react. How often have you seen your infant playing with toys and are scolding a doll with the voice and emotion of the parent? As time goes by we consciously learn to react in certain ways to suit a particular situation by copying actors in movies or plays. We have been conditioned in this way and it automatically flows from our memories.

It is obvious that we are asleep in the illusion that we believe we are awake and have the power to control everything in our life, whereas we are automatons.

So we have to begin to become aware that we are asleep, and to do so we have to observe the way we think and react, and not challenge or exert our will to stop these reactions, because to do so creates further memories and opposition.
We have to observe dispassionately, without any judgement or action.

What is it that observes? It is that permanent state of being within that we are aware of, that never changes, never ages, but always is, for as long as we can remember. It has been called the watcher or observer, the consciousness that was present before the body was born and which remains following the body’s demise.

Become aware of this observer and allow it to watch, and create that awareness of the behavior of your mind and personality, and you will begin to change within.

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