The Vortex of Light and Healing


Zadore is a Being of Light and Consciousness whose influence entered the earth’s consciousness before the creation of the morphogenetic patterns of the human body some two hundred thousand plus years ago. This morphogenetic pattern was generated within the Sun’s consciousness and blended with the Earth’s elements to manifest forms.

Being so far from the center of the Galaxy, the Sun and its system was, over billions of years, only able to receive a minimal stream of consciousness for its Light and transformation.

There are other forces at play in the Universe due to the original separation of the Light from Being, which for our consciousness appears to be timeless due to the limited Light received by the Sun from the center of the Galaxy.

Therefore, it was seen as a necessity for the expansion of Light from the Galaxy’s core to be redirected to the Sun and that eventuated through the Light being directed through the consciousness of Zadore, increasing the consciousness and awareness of the Earth and other planets in the Solar System.

Directing the Light and Consciousness through Zadore’s Being to the Sun directly increases the opening for the appearance of the Human Beings Forms and their expansion of consciousness for the Earth.

All forms that manifest as the Earth’s consciousness now act as a catalyst that will create the re-unification of all the separated Light in the Universe. Returning the oneness of the three realms of Being within the Absolute One.

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