The purpose of the Time Loops as you have now seen is to harmonize the human consciousness into creating a change in the body’s being and its ascension into a higher level of consciousness.

At the present moment, we are beings that are nearing the end of the Third and last Time Loop, and to achieve this unity in Light Zadore has created what we know as the Vortex of Light and Healing, which is directly flowing through the earth’s being and consciousness through the Sun.

This VOLAH is the culmination of the great change that will spread this point in the Galaxy to the whole Universe in the reunification of Light within Being and the Absolute.

We have to disconnect our consciousness from identifying all the negative thoughts and emotions based on the earth’s destruction by the soothsayers.

Of course, there will be a change but not one of the earth’s destruction, but one of transcendence when the Earth’s consciousness moves into the Fourth Dimensional Level of consciousness.

Have no fear of the future because in consciousness there is no past or future and everything exists in consciousness now. When bodies are destroyed no one is left behind because we are all, all eight billion people are Light and will move through the VOLAH as one in the Earth’s consciousness.

The Transmissions that Zadore has given us lead us to experience the oneness and awareness in Light here and now, and our bodies belong to the earth and not us, and over all the Time Loops the Earth has received the Light where it will create those patterns of forms for the new consciousness that will begin to unite all the separated Light in the Universe.

We all share in the Earth’s consciousness because we are the children of Adasha.

The planet is our mothership that we unknowingly travel through space and time .on a constant journey with the Sun.

There is no beginning or end of the earth because it has its reunification in the Light of Being.

That is the intent of VOLAH.

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  • Thankyou for an encouragement and perspective, it really is a full time job remembering these realities,
    Regards Frances

    Frances Coghlan

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