The Unique Me

There is only one thing you have to confront before you can understand anything beyond your body consciousness, and that is your belief that you are a body mentally attached to an ego, which you believe to be your self-individuality and a soul that has to be saved.

This is how it appears:

  • A unique personality; a personal ‘I’ or I am,
  • You are a body that is your core self.
  • A personality that accords you with the status of being a unique individual.
  • You have an ego that appears to exist following the body’s death and is another word for the soul.

Mostly these are seen as the four pillars of existence in the world and this makes us human. By accepting these thoughts we use the body’s senses to provide information and experiences for the body’s outer Centers of dimensional consciousness producing our actions in the world, but not knowing how these actions create unhappiness, suffering, and uncertainty.

As well, we accept input from the ego which intensifies thoughts and emotions creating negative desires. The ego is responsible for the inability to become attuned to the greater consciousness that we are.

The ego is already present when the body is born, but it does not become active or reactive for the first two years following the body’s birth. This delay results from the fetus’ development within the womb where it has its being in Pure Consciousness.

Nothing exists outside the Self. Although we live in a world within the universe and believe that it is unending, this is not correct because the universe also has a beginning and end within the Self.

For many people, this is incomprehensible because their body consciousness is grounded in a world of illusion where everything known is based only on sensual knowledge and understanding.

The ego becomes active in the human mind when it produces the thought “I exist” or “I am”. Before this event, the human mind exists within Pure Consciousness.

Pure consciousness is eternal and as such, has its source in Self, and Self is known as ‘I AM I’. There can be no outer manifestation outside Self, and beyond Self is the Absolute One.

The outer manifestation is finite, having a beginning and end, and it is reliant on time and space. When any manifestation ends nothing remains except Self Consciousness. Manifestation is not an illusion, but it consists of objectivity that points to an awareness of the Absolute.



  • Thanks very much, certainly gives a different perspective on the matter.

    blaeghd bell
  • Thank you, Frances and Blaeghd for your comments on this blog. What you said Blaeghd is correct and everything that manifests either as forms and objects which includes the Universe are objects and can not be anything else and certainly not a thought. As such and actually the universe has had a beginning because it is an object so naturally an end. But in our limited con!scioulsness available to us because of the ego’s control over our mind we cannot be able to understand what the universe is in time because we cannot even know this about our own body.
    Beyond a conceptual line drawn between the outer manifestation and what is beyond that is the only reality in consciousness is what we know as The Self that is our true nature which is our reality. There is nothing outside The Self. Nothing. Because all manifestation is within Self. The manifestation outward!y cannot be reflected out of the Eternal Absolute.
    All forms are rolled out within Self and are seen in consciousness due to the Light of Awareness shining on all objects within Self.

  • Thanks Blade.

  • Hi Frances, i’m guessing it is much as the Earth-body is in our consciousness – it has a beginning and an end (although in truth its elements are connected with the Earth, which persist), but when we detach from the body, our consciousness remains. So too with the universe, it has a beginning and an end (continually cycling?), however, the consciousness of Self continues eternally, beyond the creative manifestation of this universe. Something like that? Kind regards, Blade :)

    Blaeghd Bell
  • Hi,
    Could you please elaborate on “the Universe has a beginning and an end within the Self”.

    Frances Coghlan

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