The Truth

Who is Responsible

  Many people are living in fear and uncertainty nowadays. It is obvious, but we are helpless to get on top of all the things in our lives that just keep on happening.

  One of the major factors is the economy made worse by the war in Ukraine, as well as the remnants of the pandemic, leading to inflation and higher interest rates worldwide.

  We often read in the news that people who are earning a salary over $150,000 are complaining that because of the present interest rate increase, they cannot make ends meet. However, many people earning half that salary are coping because they were not so greedy and purchased property within their means.

 So what is the real difference? Basically, it all comes down to how each one of us controls our desires relative to having it all on the never-never or being circumspect about what really creates happiness in life. We can either want it all and live on the edge and end up with nothing, believing that somehow we will survive, but where is the wisdom there?

 When we live beyond our means and depend on credit, we begin to begin the blame game; blaming the government; blaming the bank for not advising us; and everything else except ourselves.

 However, insecurity goes deeper than our individual choices. Being distracted by the financial restraints, we do not see that our so-called leaders whose salaries we pay are using fears of unfounded wars to spend billions of dollars on weapons, regardless of how so many people are having problems paying the rent and putting food on the table for their families.

 We are told that government control does not belong to democratic societies but only to those dictatorial states who are hell-bent on destroying our liberties, whatever that means.

  In society no matter what -ism rules there are always castes which in our society we call classes, ranging from the poor and homeless to the rich and infamous.

  But while we, as human beings continue to allow this state of control to continue, we will always live in fear and suffering, which is alien to our real nature and consciousness that flows through each one of us and all other life on the planet.

 While we accept this world as being one of suffering and insecurity, and domination of our consciousness, there is no way out for us, and this eventually leads to the destruction of our world, a world based on the illusion that generates stress, insecurity and unhappiness.

 We can only change our own lives, but we are so ingrained by the acceptance of an illusion that we all march in unison to our inevitable end, an end with no beginning.

 So, awaken from this dream and see the truth and love one another.


  • Emissary,
    The words you express with ring true inside my being.
    Can I let go into the Vortex? So far I havent been able to let myself go fully. I feel more myself when the spinning stops. I have a million excuses that I dont believe in. Reoccurring dreams of being trapped. Yet underneath I know I’m shining. I know who I am. Its like I dont remember myself enough?

  • Thanks for your comment Tys
    We do appreciate hearing from you.
    Yes, it’s good to loosen the ropes and soon to let them go and allow your being to flow through your mind and body into the World.

  • Thank you for expressing. AT the same time as all this is happening I sense a deepening within my consciousness, and with that, a loosening of the ropes tying my experience to the fear world. Whenever I let my attention soak into the deeper sense of my life, I feel strong and beyond the darkness.


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