The True Kingdom


    Primarily, Jesus was an iconoclast for much of his life and was involved in revealing the duplicity and vanity of the Pharisees who dominated the lives of the Jews by creating rules and doctrines that made them subject to living in a controlled way whereas the Pharisees exempted themselves from all restrictions.

    Through his teachings, Jesus opened people’s minds to understand the lies that would set them free.

    In all the Gospel writings Jesus never used the word ‘enlightenment’ instead taught the way of finding the way of heaven within. Many of his parables and sermons served to show the way to transcend all the ignorance foisted on them by the Pharisees.

    Jesus also taught the need to be born again in the Spirit, or Self which was the open door to the heavenly state within.

    As an iconoclast, Jesus provoked the Pharisees in the Temple regularly, always having the upper hand in all provocations that eventually led to his arrest and execution.

    Jesus had no intention of creating a religion, however following his death the astral elite saw fit to develop a religion on what he taught in his Gospels to take control of what should be preached to the early Jewish followers and from there the first church was formed in Jerusalem, where one of Jesus’ brothers was appointed the first Bishop.

    The doctrines of church leaders were contrary to what Jesus taught, and they engaged in instigating wars and inquisitions against those who opposed the divine rule of the Church.

    Over the years the new church grew and over the last thousand years the power began to decline but its wealth remained and became its power in the world.

    After two thousand years the church is dying as is most other religions. The old ways of religions are being cast aside as people turn away and seek the new reformation where the truth is given to the more spiritual individuals who want a personal relationship with their creator or inner being.

    The coming of the new order of spiritual oneness in Light is drawing those seeking to find and live what Jesus taught, and that has been revealed through Zadore’s Transmissions and the VOLAH leading to the opening of awareness that is the revelation and understanding of our true nature in Light.

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