The Transformation of Consciousness

Consciousness, a seemingly intangible and abstract concept, is a concept that permeates every aspect of our existence. It is our individual perception of reality, often viewed as a mirror reflecting our understanding of light and darkness. The state we occupy in this realm of consciousness is what determines our awareness of these two states. Let's imagine being in a pitch-black room - without any light, we are engulfed in darkness. Similarly, when our consciousness resides in the darkness, we may be blind to the Light's existence. This is not to claim that the light isn't there, but our current state prevents us from perceiving it.

This perception of light and darkness extends to our understanding of our higher and sensual consciousness. The sensual consciousness, grounded in our physical senses, is only capable of approaching the higher consciousness through our intellectual capabilities. However, we are then faced with a conundrum - how can we access something that our intellect, with all its limitations, cannot fully comprehend? The key is to transcend beyond our intellect, to cultivate a level of mind and feeling that isn't bound by our sensual being.

Shifting our consciousness requires continuous and consistent effort. It is a process of transformation - a journey from the darkness of ignorance to the light of understanding. Our consciousness is influenced by our inner state of being. As we begin to develop this mind and feeling that goes beyond our intellectual and emotional capacities, we become more attuned to shifts in our consciousness. These shifts may happen within our overall being, gently nudging us towards a higher state of awareness.

So, how can we consciously bring about this transformation? We need to embark on a journey towards self-realisation. This requires working on purifying our base nature and ridding it of negative states we have amassed over time. We need to empty ourselves of these negative states, creating a receptive vessel for higher consciousness to fill. As we gain light and understanding, we can work on transforming our attitudes and thought processes, all of which reveal the negative state of our Emotional Centre. By observing this centre and taking responsibility for our negative state, we can elevate ourselves to the higher level of mind and feeling.

Now, we move to the process of working on our Outer Centres. By focussing on these, we can start purifying ourselves and opening up to the influence of true conscience, a part of the higher feeling centre in Essence. As our Emotional Centre starts shedding negativity, our Intellectual Centre also undergoes a shift in reasoning. Our attitudes change as we progressively rid ourselves of negativity, moving closer to the light of understanding.

When we succeed in purging our Outer Centres of negativity, we return to our pristine state of being, much like the pure consciousness that existed when we were born. But this new state of being is fundamentally different from our original state. Through the process of transformation, we have developed a new understanding - the being for Essence. This higher level of consciousness and understanding now fills our Outer Centres, guiding our Personality through the light and wisdom of Self.

Our transformed Personality, now guided by the higher will, becomes conscious of our actions and their motivations. Through the process of transformation and purification, we prepare ourselves to be worthy of the Self. This isn't about creating a physical temple for Self, but about establishing a conducive state of consciousness in our Outer Centres.

To truly receive forgiveness and achieve transformation, we must be willing to take responsibility for our actions. The path to forgiveness is paved with the acknowledgement of our transgressions. This genuine recognition prompts the actions of true conscience, revealing our guilt, and driving us to make amends from within.

As we continue on this journey, we come to understand the nature of the conflict between our Personality and sensual consciousness. Our intellect, limited by the confines of time, space, and form, is continuously working to comprehend our inner state. However, this task is a herculean one, given the inherent limitations of our intellect. Despite these challenges, we continue to strive, often resorting to vanity to assert control over the uncontrollable.

In order to truly rise above this vanity and illusion, we must allow our inner being to supersede our intellect. This occurs when we cast away negative attitudes and emotions, and allow our inner being to guide us. This understanding comes from within, shining a light on our path and leading us towards a higher consciousness.

True humility and forgiveness are integral to this journey. Our society often misinterprets these concepts, associating them with outward recognition or public accolades. True humility is quiet, unassuming, and free of pride. It does not seek validation or control. It understands that every circumstance in life is of our own making, and that no one else owes us anything.

The key to this transformation is in allowing - allowing the light of higher consciousness to permeate our being, allowing ourselves to be humble, allowing the process of forgiveness to heal us. This receptivity leads us to a state of purity, preparing us for the entry of the higher consciousness of Self. We must constantly strive to rid ourselves of vanity and self-indulgence, which are obstacles in our path towards enlightenment.

This journey towards higher consciousness and understanding is a demanding one. It requires diligence, perseverance, and a deep desire for transformation. But with every step we take towards the Light, every moment we dedicate to self-awareness and understanding, we move closer to awakening our inner Self, the highest level of consciousness. Let's endeavour to keep our inner and outer eyes open to this journey, allowing the Light to guide us towards a higher state of being.


  • Thank you for another wonderful enlightening transmission, it is not easy moving towards all this wonderful light living on planet earth, the last 3 years have been extremely challenging.. but life knocks me down and I get up again, thanks to onelight and believing in myself that I can do this. I have been dedicated to inner transformation for many years now and it just seems to get harder not easier :) Thank you to Zadore and ONELIGHT in light and love..

    Aida De'Ceglie
  • “Understanding the nature of the conflict between our Personality and the sensual consciousness “, a confusing and complex mission!! Thank you for shining greater understanding upon this area of transformation….a constant struggle as we strive to allow the light to dominate our consciousness.

    Frances Coghlan
  • Thanks again for another fine post. Slowly increasing the frequency of moments spent in ‘emptiness’ filled with quiet sentient vibration… tentatively stepping out into the ‘unknown’, or the long-forgotten, perhaps, for the emerging deeper consciousness is not coldly alien, but agreeable and strangely familiar, rather. The new frontier is not outer space, but inner space which encompasses the outer. And this from “Enter the Vortex”: “… it is within the individual that the Earth is awakened.” Thanks again :)


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