The Three Time Loops


In the last blog, we became aware of the purpose behind the morphing of the new body patterns from the Sun by Zadore.

Over the life of the earth, continual changes are occurring where many different species have fulfilled their need for the earth’s consciousness and are now extinct. This is an ongoing process as the earth’s expanding consciousness requires advanced forms and objects for its continued advancement. The human form is the latest form that reflects the Light and consciousness of the Earth, which includes Zadore’s Light.

The Earth is impersonal in all its functions as it embraces the flow of the universal consciousness while interacting with the other planets in the solar system, whereas, due to our limited understanding, the body consciousness functions in an illusion on a personal basis living and assuming self-importance.

As such faced with the possibility of becoming extinct caused by earth changes and the possibility of an end of time possible, we go into fear of what we see as a future event happening. But, we are not these bodies, but consciousness. Bodies come and pass away, and we are all aware of this, but we cling to having a soul that will continue in paradise, because we believe we are separate from the Earth, and this only goes to prove your ignorance of what constitutes the human being, and that is not a body.

Zadore purposefully crafted a structure for the growth of consciousness in human beings and that involves movement of consciousness through three Time Loops of dimensional consciousness.

The first Time Loop began when the first human bodies manifested on Earth which incorporated the older memories of other forms as well the brain’s potential for access to the higher consciousness.

A Time Loop moves through a period of time and space over about 80,000 years, beginning at a primitive level of understanding and ending at an advanced level of physical understanding, then breaking down and beginning the next Time Loop based on the increased consciousness from the last Time Loop.

The second Time Loop activates the mental or Intellectual body center and follows the same pattern as with the progress and breakdown leading to the third and last Time Loop with the activation of the Emotional Centre.

We are still in the Third Time Loop which is drawing to a close where we will see the integration of the three centers ending ages of advancement leading to the dawn of the Fourth Dimensional Level of Conscious where the Earth’s consciousness ascends into Light, where the light requires new forms that will increase the expansion of the Earth.

In the VOLAH Transmissions, Jon Whistler wrote about the three body centers of dimensional consciousness that as a species we have to develop.

Here, Jon reveals that within the body are the three centers that we have to perfect for our advancement, which is called The Physical. Mind, and Emotional centers.

Through a period of personal development outlined in the Transmissions, we become aware of the function of each center, which then combines to elevate our being to enter the higher Universal Consciousness ending with awareness of the Fourth Dimensional Consciousness with the Earth.

My suggestion here is that now is the moment when you should study what Jon wrote about this in detail in the VOLAH Series of Transmissions.


  • Thanks, understood.

  • Yes to us there is only one time loop which Jon outlined in the book The Thread Of Infinity and he never suggested how long one loop is measured in year’s for there is actually no time because it is an illusion and that the time loop is an illusion in the mind just as the world is something we create around ourself which is also illusion. We have to go beyond the illusion and time to reach the Truth which is our reality the realised Self.

  • perhaps… not important, i guess at the appropriate moment these things will be revealed from within.

    blaeghd bell
  • It could be that this is referring to a different Time Loop…not one of Astral intent but one connected to our personal growth?

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