The Tale of Babel and Humanity’s Inner Struggle

Delving into the rich tapestry of symbolism and philosophy, we uncover the profound layers embedded in the story of Babel and its reflections on humanity’s inner Essence. Drawing upon this narrative, we can interpret the tower's construction as a metaphor for humanity’s unified consciousness, a time when our Essence was in harmonious connection with the divine, or what the transmissions refers to as SELF. The disruption of this harmony by the Astral Being led to a scattering of consciousness, symbolized by the diversification of language, creating the various Tribes and fostering misunderstanding.

We uncover a dichotomy between the eternal Essence and the transient Personality. The Essence, a reflection of the divine SELF, is unyielding and eternal, surviving the corporeal and transient nature of the human body and Personality. This dichotomy illustrates the philosophical struggle within various religious doctrines, which grapple with concepts of sin and eternal damnation. How can the soul, if it is a divine image, be susceptible to sin and eternal suffering? This misalignment between Personality and Essence, fueled by the Illusion of the Astral Being, is the root cause of such internal conflict and discord.

The Illusional Personality arises when the individual Personality is led astray by the Astral Illusion, severing its connection with the divine Light Essence. This separation is portrayed as the only real sin committed by the Personality, as it redirects its will to serve the Illusion, generating negative emotions and feeding the darkness of the Astral Being. This concept illuminates the internal struggle within humanity, caught in a cycle of serving senses and reacting emotionally, further empowering the Astral Being and perpetuating a state of discord.

Zadore, through the Transmissions, advocates for clarity and a unified understanding, emphasizing the necessity for a common language to prevent misconceptions. By eschewing terms such as “soul” and “ego,” fosters a deeper understanding of the intricate relationship between SELF, Essence, and Personality. This understanding is vital for humanity’s conscious transformation, allowing us to awaken from the Illusion and realign our will with the divine Light Essence, directing the Creative Light into the world and reflecting the consciousness of the Earth back to the divine SELF.

By unraveling the multifaceted layers of the Babel narrative and its reflections on Essence and Personality, we gain insights into the philosophical underpinnings of human consciousness and the internal struggles faced by humanity. The story serves as a guiding light, illuminating the path towards reconnection with the divine, awakening from the Illusion, and restoring harmony within our beings. Through this exploration, we are invited to contemplate our own alignment with the divine and seek a deeper understanding of our place within the vast tapestry of existence.


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