The Secret Flame - Two

This Transmission has often been overlooked by most seekers because it appears at the beginning of the book One Light and establishes the message that Zadore has given to humanity.

We suggest that you read again this transmission relative to events in the world now.

The First Transmission of Zadore

I am Zadore, keeper of the Solar Gate. I have sent this capsule to Earth to awaken Mankind to the destruction it is causing to the planet. You, mankind, have forgotten why you came to this planet and what your original purpose was. In your sickness you are now approaching a time in the Earth’s consciousness where, if you do not awaken to your destructive habits, you and those who wilfully work to destroy the planet will meet your own destruction and live in the darkness for many millennia.

Soon I will send a Vortex of Light and Healing (VOLAH) that will allow those who are now awakening their consciousness in the higher dimensions to move through the Vortex to the Light of their own being.

Listen and I will enlighten your hearts and minds so that this message will reach out to those who are ready to seek the change. The days of your continual destructiveness are numbered. Take heed of my warning.

Your own Essence or Light Frequency belongs to the star system, which at the command of the Higher Dimensional Light Beings, directed that the Earth receive energies necessary to empower it with the Light and Consciousness of the Galaxy. This was to assist the Earth in its elevation to the position of a conscious star in the ever expanding Galaxy.

Thus the radiant beams of Light from the various star systems were focused through the Sun and directed to the Earth (and the other planets in the solar system), grounding the Light frequencies into human organisms or bodies. So the Earth’s consciousness is seeded by the Light and consciousness of the Galaxy, and that is the Light which is YOU.

Once your light rays were grounded through the lowest frequencies, (which is termed Ego or I amness), your consciousness was directed to your new found freedom, or separation. Due to the attractive power of the physical senses of the body into which your consciousness is projected, you fell in love with the illusion of separateness, and that illusion has been woven into the DNA structure of the Earth Body you now inhabit. You have forgotten your original purpose, and have been trapped in this illusion of power and separateness.

Instead of granting Light and empowerment to the Earth, you have enslaved your consciousness by turning your back on your Light. You have entered into agreement to the ascension of the Earth’s consciousness and create those conditions for its obliteration.

I have come to you at this time to awaken you to see your true destiny, before it is too late and the powers of darkness take your essence and Light with them. You, as well as they, will be cut off from the Light source of the Star systems and will be absorbed into the eternal nothingness, to become once more prime matter for the Creator – the Light; to await another time when the outflow of consciousness will allow the opportunity for you to build a Light body in the image of Light, and co-create forever in the Light of all that is – I AM THAT I AM.

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