The Secret Flame – One

Jon Whistler and Zadore

Beyond all Illusion and Time we are presenting a series of commentaries on the Transmissions of Jon Whistler and Zadore that will stimulate and open our mind to the realization of the truth of Being and oneness in the Light of the Eternal Absolute Consciousness.

Zadore’s message of Light and Freedom first entered the manifest consciousness in 1986 when Jon Whistler was working on a USGS dig in California with his work companions, Rose Medlin and Carl Ressinger.

The message was first communitated by Zadore through a communication capsule. It has been asked the purpose of using such a device and we summize that this technology was more readily acceptable to the present day status of humanity.

Obviously, such a device was an attention getter and was soon replaced by direct contact between Zadore and Jon Whistler

Now in the 21st century the importance of the message for humanity is clear, and we are witnessing the changing consciousness of humanity following thousands of years of ignorance and illusion. The Earth is re-balancing its energies due to the destructive human efforts caused by greed, power, and a total disregard for Life.

Zadore has said that all the negative sensual forces emanate from the concepts developed in the human consciousness that perpetuate separation and fragmentation within consciousness at the level of the manifest universe.

Although limited in the Earth’s consciousness, the human consciousness believes that it somehow holds the seeds within its body to be greater than the whole consciousness of the earth, such is human vanity.

The human being having developed a mind and intellect that under the illusion, they believe that the total external manifestation, the Universe, exists for their own satisfaction, power and self domination.

Zadore’s consciousness entered the world manifestation at the beginning of the first time-loop to monitor the progress of the outer consciousness of humanity – a change of mind from the total dependence on the outer senses to the realization of the Inner Flame of Light.

By being dependent on the sensual world that humanity has created, they have become dominated by a body/mind that believes all knowledge is objectified through interaction with each other and the Earth’s nature.

How then is such knowledge and thinking developed in human consciousness?

To arrive at any understanding we have to begin with consciousness.

There can be no definitive definition for consciousness, because thoughts and words are restricted to the body/mind and incapable of knowing what lies behind this outer limitation.

For instance: ‘I think, therefore I am’, It follows then who is it that thinks and what constitutes thought?

Consciousness has no source in the world. Consciousness is everything and everywhere. There is only one consciousness, the Pure Absolute Eternal Consciousness in which all that is exists.

Is it possible for something that is part of the whole to define what is? Only the egoistic human being could think thus.

Human beings cannot think, because they are only a reactionary organism. What the intellect considers thinking to be is only the recall function of memories stored in the mind. One of the major fallacies is that people believe in segmentation, creating various levels of consciousness in the mind. They promote an objective, subjective and subconscious mind each operating separate from the other. We find this concept of separation common in the outer knowledge bank of humanity, which is the cornerstone of illusion.

When we are faced with a situation that we do not know how to handle, the mind begins the process of recall, bringing up similar past situations and how we approached the solving of that problem. Because every new situation seems different from previous experiences, then other deeper memories appear, as well similar problems are portrayed in movies that offer an alternate outcome. We feel we are thinking, but we have no control over the information released,

How many thoughts do we have? Only one, and that is ‘I am a separate individual’. We are incapable of creating any other thoughts, because all other thoughts are further reflections of that one thought ’I am’. Such as, I am the body, male, female, American, school student, policeman, train driver, handsome, pretty, tall, short, fat or thin, accountant, lawyer and so on, and these are definitive thoughts that arise out of the prime thought ‘I am’.

From this one thought all other thoughts arise, but there is still only one thought always ‘I am’.

Human consciousness when limited to the body exists solely through the ingestion of food. Without food the body dies and consciousness ceases to exist for a so called individual.

It is important that we recognize the value of the body’s consciousness, because only through this body consciousness can we become aware of our own true nature , which is the Eternal Self Consciousness.

The Universe is the outer manifestation of Being expressing the Consciousness and Nature of the Eternal Self Consciousness.

Everything that manifests through Being as the Universe is the reflection of the Nature of the Absolute Eternal Consciousness. However, the outer manifestation is distorted by the appearance of the I amness or Ego, which restricts our awareness of the true reality of Beings Nature.

We can never know what consciousness is, nor create a concept or memory of it, because it has its root within the Pure State of the Absolute.


Through the consciousness of the body we can become aware of our true nature. Therefore, we have to find how to utilize the body’s consciousness for our liberation and return to our true state in the Eternal Self Consciousness.

The purpose of Zadore’s Transmissions provides us with the work needed to break down all illusion and ignorance that has entered human consciousness, maintaining separation from self realization.

The saying: ‘There is nothing new under the Sun’ covers all aspects of life on this planet. We can never create anything new, whether it is thoughts or objects, so, we have to reach that level of awareness where Self is Self Evident, because there is nothing to discover, only remember.

In relation to this there are certain changes we have to make to understand what we consider is reality, because we have based everything on erroneous concepts, ideas and attitudes that we have accepted through the sensual knowledge of the world,

All this ignorance and illusion is based on what others in the world claim to be the truth, whereas, all worldly knowledge reflects the appearance of objects in consciousness, based on duality, cause and effect and the limitation of time and space.

Zadore is not of or on this world on Earth. Since the morphogenesis of the human body and consciousness, Zadore has continually influenced human consciousness in the direction of Light and Oneness.

It should be noted here that the human body and consciousness has no direct relationship with older body forms that appeared over various periods on the Earth. There is no evolution of forms as many experts attempt to proclaim to give credence to their theories on the evolution of the different species.

Morphogenesis are patterns that originate in the Sun’s consciousness and utilize the Earth’s extensive forms to produce a new form capable of utilizing a higher form of consciousness. Further on we will enlarge on the purpose of the human body’s morphogenesis in the Universal Consciousness.

Zadore has no human qualities, no body or gender but is pure Universal Consciousness manifesting through Being.

In the ‘Thread of Infinity’ Jon Whistler documented the movement of human consciousness through three time-loops, which were initially designed to create oneness in consciousness through a progression in the physical, mental and emotional development of the human consciousness within Being.

When the morphogenetic patterns of the human body became manifest on the Earth, with it rose the awareness of existence, and without any apparent influence on the human consciousness came the thought ‘I am’. Then a separation in consciousness occurred and this thought was the beginning of the illusion.

The human body pattern was physically a modification of all other patterns that preceded it. For instance in the early development in the womb, the fetus passes through different patterns before reaching its final pattern.

The body/mind is incapable of being aware of the totality of Being because it is dependent on the thoughts that manifest from the “I” thought, the I amness, which is only an illusion separated from Being.

Our consciousness is so limited that we cannot know the Earth’s Being, although we vainly attempt to understand the underlying forces that reflect the Earth’s nature on an outer sensual level.

Like all morphogenetic patterns the human organism is limited to its present need in consciousness, and will be replaced when this need is finalized.
The identification of the “I” thought with the body has limited the scale of Being to that of an Earth-body. This limitation has created av dependence for knowledge on the body’s five senses.

It is out of ignorance that humanity began to be solely sensual beings that have created their world in the image of their sensual knowledge and illusion, where the I amness has become their God.

Through interaction with each other as separate individuals, they developed negative sensual desires, self importance, passions and the need to possess wealth and power and control over others, living in fear and suffering.

For consciousness to reach a higher level in Being we need to recognize that the illusion, the I amness, has to be seen for what it s, and cast aside from its attachment with the body. This can only be accomplished by clearing the body/mind from all identification with the body, and allowing the body to be what it is, a form within the Pure Consciousness.

Because awareness of Self within the Earth’s consciousness outwardly moves at the flow of the Universe in time and space, the higher consciousness through the Light of Zadore in Being , bypasses consciousness linked to time and space and began to influence the the process where through the human being and its potential would develop that awareness where Self becomes conscious of Its Self.

This began with the movement through the Sun by Zadore, where the essence of Self entered the Consciousness during the development of the fetus. This then began with the activation of the human morphogenetic patterns ninety thousand years earlier and the Light Essence entered the human consciousness in every fe

The Light Essence is the Sacred Flame that awaits our awareness during our time within a body.

The Higher Consciousness of Zadore has created the VOLAH through which the Light Essence will transcend all limitation and darkness of the external manifestation.

We shall journey together now through these Transmissions with Zadore to be that Light forever.

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