The Opening

Zadore's message in Enter the Vortex (The Opening), challenges us to reflect deeply on the concept of duality within ourselves, represented by the intellectual and emotional polarities of our Ego. Zadore calls for an internal harmony and an end to the domination of one polarity over the other. This is the path to self-discovery and healing.

The analogy of the Ego's journey away from the Garden of Eden as the Ego's migration towards Astral illusion is insightful. The "forbidden fruit" Zadore mentions can be seen as the symbol for power and dominance which has shifted our focus from holistic consciousness to an intellectual one. The fallout from this is the oppression of the emotional or feeling polarity, symbolically represented as the feminine aspect.

The message underscores the importance of finding balance between these two aspects within us to experience wholeness and a connection with the One Light. As Zadore suggests, we should not seek to silence or control our intellect but rather strive for a harmonious balance, encouraging feelings to express themselves freely. This balance between mind and heart, intellect and feeling, male and female energies, can open the gateway to inner healing and ascension.

The collective illusion of power and dominance, the Astral control that comes from grouping and politicking, are detrimental. Even movements aimed at achieving equality, like the Feminist movement, can inadvertently contribute to the Astral Illusion as they solely rely on the assertive intellectual polarity.

The solution Zadore proposes, which is to bring intellect and feeling into perfect harmony, resonates deeply. It promises not just personal healing but healing for the Earth as well. The journey you sketch is not one of crafting a new identity, but of revealing and embracing our true self that is already a being of light.

Zadore's words remind us to observe, forgive, and harmonize our Ego. To recognize its influence and understand its nature rather than denying it. The message is a clarion call to find balance within, which will help us make a progressive shift from the Astral Illusion towards the Vortex of Freedom and Light.

It's an empowering perspective that inspires self-awareness, balance, and love as essential ingredients for inner transformation and collective healing.


  • This message was for one of the most inspiring and motivating blog that instills in us the only truth that exists in our awareness that allows us to follow the direct way to peace and love for one and other as well as the Earth
    Thank you Emissary

  • Ah yes! the politicking…one of the most helpful ideas for me was to stop having opinions…a rather positive aspect of the recent Covid caper. Such a relief to drop the polarised mental construct and be neutral, overcoming a lifetimes mental habit.
    That was one big step but little steps all the way, a gradual process.
    Love to all,

    Frances Coghlan
  • The message above is so helpful and true. Memo to self I must try harder each day as so want to leave this beautiful Earth when its my time a better more loving and understanding human being.


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