The Moment

The Astral illusion is powered by time and our belief in it. It is the illusion of time that controls our thoughts and behavior. It reduces our creativity as we try to complete projects by certain deadlines. What we believe represents time is a only a pattern between the Sun and Earth and has no real meaning in the consciousness of the Sun and Earth. By our belief in time we lose something important, the Moment.

In Enter the Vortex, Transmission 18, it says:

‘Stop seeking and you WILL BE! Don’t focus on the future, waiting for it to happen. It is happening NOW. Live the moment in your consciousness and you will feel and hear the urges flowing from your essence and Light. Listen, feel, and watch your powerful Personality become powerless, because it cannot derive its so-called energy from the Illusion.

In the Oracle to Freedom, The Moment Card states:

Life is the Moment of Being, one that encompasses many experiences, and is always focused on giving Light to the Earth. Everything you have ever thought, done or lived represents the Moment of Truth within what is real, the timelessness of Being.

The Oracle to Freedom reminds us to stand quietly and live in the Moment of our Light. Allow all to flow from the truth of your Self. Stand silently as the tree stands, serene and expressing its true nature. It desires nothing and sends forth its beauty, giving all it receives through its leaves, from the Sun to the Earth. Its form expresses its true nature.

Express your good like the beautiful tree and live in the Moment of creation and One Light. In this Moment, there is no stress, no desire, only joy and love.

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